Track Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020

Track Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020

Track Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020

Track pants as well as joggers and sweatpants would not be exactly the most successful creations of fashion history. Indeed their tailoring as well as use of fabric and tones serves the comfort principles rather than the aesthetic one. Those who are keen to sport a casual and relaxing outfit sure have these fashion items in their wardrobe used mainly during workout or when taking a walk in the park. However it seems that this year the list of surprising tendencies is enriched with an additional shocking and at the same time enchanting re-invention namely the track pants fashion trend spring/summer 2020.

Style-consciousness is fused with practicality in overwhelming combination of tones and shapes. Indeed the oh-so-fab designer collections that portray the style ideas on how to master the trend are not only wearable that can be matched with all body shapes and fans of both cosmopolitan as well as more Boho outfits. The examples below illustrate the way track pants deserve their special place in our summer wardrobe.

Track Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Richard ChaiTrack Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Rag & Bone

Urban sportswear is the buzzword when it comes of the fashion operas of Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang as well as Eli Tahari, Marc by Marc Jacobs as well as that of Ygal Azrouel. The spotless and dream silhouette of the models is enhanced with some of the most spectacular and versatile apparels that feature some of the high brow elegance as well as the non-conformist vibe of the track suits. Sporty style knows endless variations, however its urban and more glamorous branch would still reveal a new and less elaborated side of the latest casual chic tendencies.

There’s no need to stick to the traditional pairings of flats or sneakers and track pants or sweatpants. Instead think on a larger scale and expand the parade of footwear to more stylish and popular designs as pumps and wedges. These would contribute to the sculpting of curvy and more athletic bodies too. Match the right height and length of the pants to your features. The rolled up as well as loose and voguish styles would look just when pierced into a casual as well as semi-formal attire.

Track Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Rag & BoneTrack Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Rag & BoneTrack Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Yigal AzrouelTrack Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Eli Tahari

For a Romantic flair make sure you experiment with the style ideas offered by Rag & Bone. In this case models are dressed into track pants that feature in a stunning combo with tuxedo jackets as well as white shirts. These artistic and more Bohemian looks are also crowned by the effect of heels. Feel free to adopt a similar appearance if your are fond of the revival of the dandy and more masculine fashion. This would allow you to sport cropped jackets as well as longer and more breezy suits, still use your creativity to add a drop of femininity through additional accessories and your cute hair style.

A-list designers and fashion gurus managed to master the transition from the casual to the dapper urban sportswear outfits. These banish the monotony of pairing track pants with converse or vans. Instead it’s time to accentuate the feminine and alluring traits with the help of stylish sandals and high heels. The golden rule to create the desired effect is to choose pants that look relaxed and rather loose on our silhouette than their fitting version.

Track Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Alexander WangTrack Pants Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2020Marc by Marc Jacobs

For a brighter colored as well as more alternative outfit consider the looks above. Alexander Wang is indeed one of the forerunners of the track pants trend who presented various ideas on how to sport this trend and still be up-to-the-minute with the evolution of fashion tendencies. Indeed these looks besides being ultra-feminine also bare the signs of the sporty chic of sportswear both in accessories as well as color palette. The cropped tops paired with the loose pants would still echo the gym style or dance movies allure that encouraged similar body-conscious looks.

On the other hand Marc Jacobs adopts a more feminine and girlie perspective that encourages the fusion of neon and cheering tones as green and blue. The track pants embedded in the breezy and youthful summer or spring apparels is the best trick to revive the trend and breathe life into the versatile fashion ideas. The additional trench as well as the flat sandals all contribute to the unique and eye-pleasing effect. Embed some of these ideas into your outfit repertoire to make a dapper statement with your summer wardrobe.

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