5 Amazing Exercises for Love Handles

5 Amazing Exercises for Love Handles

5 Amazing Exercises for Love Handles

Although its name might make you think about something cozy and warm, in fact “love handle” is nothing more than a slang term used to describe belly fat.

Best Exercises for Love Handles

There are some good exercises for love handles that you can do at home in order to diminish this unaesthetic skin aspect and strengthen your muscles.

Exercise for Love Handles: Step Hop

This is a great exercise for beginners! You should stay with your feet apart and keep your knees bent, while you place your hands on the hips. Then, step forward with your right foot, lift your left knee until it reaches your hip while hopping on your right leg. Make sure you land with your feet together. It’s recommended to alternate the feet and do 10 sets.

5 Amazing Exercises for Love Handles

Love Handle Exercises for Women: Bicycle Crunch

We love this love handle exercise because it’s great in keeping your body toned. All you have to do is lay on your back positioning your hands by your ears. Then, you should raise your legs until you create a 90 degree angle and bring your left knee towards the chest. At the same time, twist your right elbow so that the two can meet. Then, repeat the same procedure with your right knee and left elbow.

Best Exercise for Love Handles: Russian Twist

We recommend beginning in a seated position by keeping your knees bent. Keep your back straight and lean back a little so that you’re comfortable. After that, stretch your arms out and twist the torso from left to right. If you want to increase the difficulty level of your love handles exercise, you can lift the feet off the floor.

Exercises for Love Handles Women: Squat Jump

For this love handles exercise, you need to keep your feet apart, the knees a little bent and hands by your side. Then, you should squat, keep your knees behind your toes and jump while lifting your arms above your head. Afterwards, land in a squat position with your arms overhead. In the end, place your arms by your sides and repeat this exercise 10 times.

5 Amazing Exercises for Love Handles

Good Exercises for Love Handles: Side Planks

When it comes to side planks, you should create a ‘T’ shape with your body. Lie on the right side, so that you form a straight line, resting on your hand or forearm. Make sure that the elbow is placed under the shoulder and start lifting your hips off the floor, by contracting your abs. Moreover, make sure you hold this position for about 40 seconds. We recommend repeating this exercise 3 or 4 times and alternate sides.  

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