Trussardi at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Trussardi at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Milan Fashion Week is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world and it’s the perfect time for the most famous designers to send down the runway their latest collections. This year, Trussardi will display its fall 2020 line to the press and buyers and all fashion lovers in a show that we hardly wait to see. The Italian luxury brand has always conquered the audience with its eye-catching designs and unparallelled silhouettes.

Ah, and we’re so excited to discover what Umit Benan has prepared for us this time! Famous for designing clothes where personality, individuality, character emerge, Benan’s purpose is elegance and a style that talks about our personality. In a preview for the Trussardi spring 2020 collection, Benan called his girl “the granddaughter of Annie Hall.” The line featured masculine-inspired pieces suitable for the woman who likes to travel and prefers simple yet chic outfits. There were high-waisted pants, slightly oversized blazers and sweaters, comfy coats, leather skirts, shirts, moccasins, flat and high-heeled sandals, and a wide range of covetable bags.

Trussardi at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Umit Benan’s fall 2020 collection for Trussardi addressed to a modern traveler who’s not afraid to try new adventures such a journey at Machu Picchu. Once again, there were mannish cuts, interesting combinations of textures, prints and colors.

Okay, so now we’re already used with the Trussardi girl as a sophisticated globetrotter. Well, for the brand’s spring 2020 collection, Benan’s destination was Manhattan and the protagonist is the woman who dares to try contrasts. So, sporty pieces were given a chic flare, leather was worn with soft silk, and feminine items were mixed with masculine ones.

According to Umit Benan style talks about our personality and is more like an inner thing. So, if you want to see flawless designs and a collection that is more than a fashion thing, you should check out the new Trussardi fall 2020 collection that will be showcased on February 23 at Milan Fashion Week 2020!

Trussardi at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Trussardi at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Trussardi at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

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