Types of Silver Bracelets for Women and Men

Since ancient times, silver bracelets make precious addition to the people’s jewellery. There is undoubtedly a growing trend towards silver bracelets. There are different styles of silver bracelets out and a Silver bracelet can be worn on many occasions as it can add up a class and elegance to your outlook.

silver bracelets

Bracelets give a center of attention for both men and women especially, silver bracelets. Because of their cuteness, it gives charm as it was designed to quiet beautifully for both men and women.

Silver Bracelets for Women and Men:

Brighton plans shocking silver bracelets for women and men that supplement any outfit. One of a kind and elegantly carefully assembled gathering of sterling silver bracelets.

1. Leather Braided Bracelet:


Accessorize your outfit with this black leather silver braided bracelet crafted from the strips of leather, and it offers a masculine relaxed look to harmonize almost anything in your wardrobe. Give this versatile bracelet as a gift to a fashion-conscious man in your life or pass it to your personal jewellery collection for a delicate dose of styles. This design bracelet is braided with leather and silver that gives the confident feel wearing every day. Because of this silver plating, it keeps you securely fastened around your wrist.

2. Turquoise Bracelet Designs:


This unique bracelet is handmade with turquoise and hooked with silver on durable stretchy chains. The turquoise bracelet is made with silver and other metals that can be enameled with many colours, giving a simple and classic looks to the wearers and this design will suit you for any kind of occasion.

3. Wiccan Charm Bracelet:


A variety of styles are available of silver bracelets for women which give the special look from others. You can start to select your charming bracelet and add to your wardrobe to wear on some special events that occur in your life. These charm bracelets have a set of palette or theme. Here, this charm bracelet is gold-toned, double linked as it holds an instant collection of colored glass leaves, acorn, anchors, trees, half moon, cross symbol, stars and another leaf charm in copper and silver too. This gives a look daintier but quite clever to worn person.

4. Nail Bracelet Design:


Nail bracelet is one of the classy pieces when compared with the other designs. It suits for any occasion and it can be available with adjustable sizes. This nail bracelet is available in three different colours as gold, silver, and rose-gold. But this silver bracelet gives the simple look and it’s perfect for any kind of occasions.

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5. Sound Wave Bracelet:


One of a kind, customized sound wave silver bracelet makes a statement. If you are really looking for an outstanding gift, this should be your choice number one! This sound wave bracelet contains hammered and polished silver plate that makes a perfect base for engraving and it gives the unique and classic look for the wearers.

6. Personalized Mother-In-Law Bracelet Design:


This personalized mother-in-law bracelet can be gifted for her bride/groom. This bracelet was made with silver dark-coated metal, and inside of the bracelet is printed with quotes. This can be an adjustable one.These Silver bracelets are perfect suits for college going and office going girls.

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7. Tree Branch Bracelet Design:


This tree branch bracelet is hand cast in solid silver in the shape of a natural tree branch. This is available in a variety of designs and you may choose oval or round shape for your collection. It gives a different look from the other bracelet designs. Ladies silver bracelets are also available in this tree branch styles. Instead of wearing the bangles, wearing these silver bracelets for women will give a elegant look.

8. Steampunk Guitar Bracelet:


Steam punk unisex guitar bracelet, as a musical delight category of bracelets will be perfect gift gifting for your lovable one. This guitar bracelet gives the simple and modern look, designed with thin silver hooks and enameled with soft black coloured metal. This musical instrument style of bracelets is one of the populous design, among the youngsters.

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9. Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Bracelet:


These stunning sterling silver smoky quartz bracelets offer endless styling possibilities. This can be featured with a fabulous chunky design, with faceted smoky quartz beads and shining sterling silver accents. Mix and match friendship bracelets with our iconic charm and cuffs to create the perfect statement stack. This bracelet is perfect for any occasion. Womens silver bracelets give the unique look for any season.

Bracelets are an important accessory because they make people’s hands look more beautiful and graceful. They complement perfectly a simple outfit. Overall, you have to keep in mind it’s that this is a simple way to impress women and men yet, you need to be inventive. With the help of the above silver bracelet designs, you can give a special surprise to your loved one.