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Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook

Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook

Lauren Hastings modeled Wasteland’s March 2020 lookbook and demonstrated once again that the Wasteland stylists mean business and want to assist true fashionistas in their quest to uniqueness. The props to style brought by Wasteland this season seem to fall in a bohemian-rock-chic niche which combines laid back cuts with dark pigments, vivacious prints and cool fringes. If you’re looking for outfits that will make you stand out of the crowd all while ensuring your comfort, Wasteland’s new garments featured in its March 2020 lookbook can definitely help you reach your goal.

This total style-switch that can be easily detected from first glimpse at Wasteland’s ‘Night Moves’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Fashion’ lookbooks, comes as a breath of fresh air in the new season bringing an array of comfort-oriented garments that young fashionistas will love to rock, like street-chic shirts, cool shorts, bold tops, stylish tees, maxi dresses and biker jackets. These items are mixed and matched to perfection in Wasteland’s new lookbook, so pair sexy shorts with a fierce, dark pigmented rock-chic T-shirt, mix embellished shorts with a bustier top or pair a maxi dress with some cool biker boots and jacket.

Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook

The key to an attitude-packed look seems to be the juxtaposition of soft with bold elements, so take your cue from the lineup and learn how to put together items to create an outfit that is laid-back yet screams style!

Cutouts, prints and fringe details are also popular with this particular lineup although most fashion brands chose to go clean-chic with their spring-summer 2020 designs. However, Wasteland apparently wanted to give women a different choice by promoting fiercer garments that will surely not let you go by unobserved. These elements require to be worn by someone with a strong personality, so you daring honeys out there be sure to raid the lookbook and see if you can spot the items that reflect your personal style and that will make it to your wardrobe as they’re all just fabulous!

Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook Wasteland March 2020 Lookbook

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