What’s Your Jewelry Personality

What’s Your Jewelry Personality

Jewelry are like a fragrance – a reflection of your personality. Some are very passionate about accessorizing with jewelry, others prefer keeping it simple.

Here are several categories to distinguish jewelry wearing habits, find out which group do you belong to.

The minimalist

Minimalists tend to choose sophisticated but modest pieces and they prefer less accessories. It is clearly a sign of avoiding attracting other’s attention. Minimalists don’t really pamper their jewelry, for these people wearing these beauties is a necessity not a real pleasure. The jewelry that characterize them are: stud earrings and maybe an expensive watch.

What’s Your Jewelry Personality

The sporty

She has an athletic body and a healthy glowing skin. Her point is that jewelry must not overpower her outfits. She will choose elegant ones, as ear studs and a sporty bracelet.

The diva

For her signature jewelry and gems are essential, as well as the price – she tends to go for ‘the more expensive, the better’ principle. Trends are not too important for her to follow – she has her own style, apparently impossible to decode. Her favorite jewelry would include: large chandelier earrings, necklaces with gems as diamonds or rhinestones.

What’s Your Jewelry Personality

The traditionalist

Members of this category tend to follow the ‘bigger the better’ principle. They are charmed by blings, rocks and diamonds. Not interested in the new trends in jewelry, they rather prefer traditional pieces. Fantasy accessories are taboos.

The adventurer

Adventurers are eager to create personalized jewelry for themselves and others. Imitation or sophisticated, cheap or expensive it doesn’t matter until it looks good on them. Fantasy jewelry are must haves in their case, color and size are formalities.

Photos: Jessica Seaton and Tous Jewelry