10 Famous Street Foods in Delhi: Quick Quide to Satisfy your Cravings

Delhi is the national capital of our country that is famous for many things like, even & odd days to drive cars, but did you know that it has a wide variety of street foods for you to much on? Yes! This is where the Mughlai cooking has originated, and the streets of Delhi present you with a plethora of options that start your mouth watering unceremoniously. The people of Delhi, often referred to as Delhiites or delhiwalas, are friendly and inclusive people. The lifestyle changes have increased the growth of stalls on the streets of the capital city. Here is the list of the best street foods in Delhi.

10 Best Street Foods in Delhi:

Go through the list of foods that are available on the streets of the country capital, here is a list:

Dahi Bhalle:

Famous delhi street food

It is a recipe similar to Dahi Wada, barring some additions. Dahi Bhalla is an eater’s delight that shouldn’t be missed. The fried wadas are soaked into sweet curd, topped up with chutneys of spicy red chutney or a tangy green one. The specialty of Dahi Bhalla is that papdis, cooked chickpeas, small pieces of boiled potatoes are added on top, making it a snack that has soft Wada and crispy toppings.

Chole Bhature:

Best street food in delhi at night

Though you can find Chole bhature on every menu, you cant find the taste that you get on the streets of Delhi. The stalls and counters here provide you with the fluffiest bhature making it a hot seller. The presoaked chickpeas are cooked with a variety of spices, making it the best combination for your bhature. Extra care is taken while kneading the dough by adding less soda. Don’t forget to try this famous south Delhi street food.

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Rolls have taken a new form, and the taste and contents change according to the city, the liking of people, etc. The ones available in Delhi will make you say one more! There are several variants, such as mixed vegetables, paneer, and stuffings of chicken is also used. The ingredients used at every stall are different, making it more delicious, and it is the best snack that can be taken on the go.


Non veg street food in delhi

One of the best non-vegetarian street food available on the streets of Delhi that reminds you of the Nawabs. You can get a variety of kebabs on every road stand like Kakori kebab, Shami kebab, Galouti kebab, to name a few. Fully flavored with spices that make the kebabs all the more tasty and juicy, making your mouth water just with the aroma. Lehsoon-Tamatar chutney will add the much-needed tanginess to the snack.

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Best street food in south delhi

One of the most preferred breakfasts by many Delhiites is Paratha that can be eaten at any time. Stuffed with a variety of vegetables and prepared hot with a splash of butter on top will melt in your mouth, Aloo paratha, gobhi paratha, onion paratha, to name a few. Pizza paratha and egg parathas are other specialties of the streets of Delhi.

Besan Ka Chilla:

Besan Ka Chilla

If you are looking for a healthier version of a snack, then Besan ka chilla is the best option. Gram flour is used to make a thin layered chilla that is stuffed with thinly sliced vegetables. Many food lovers eat it as an appetizer and taste very delicious. Adding shredded paneer to the besan ka chilla is another accessible version available on the streets, making it a wholesome meal.

Chana Zor Garam:

Chana Zor Garam

Chana Zor Garam is a popular snack that has protein in abundance and provides you with a lot of health benefits along with a rise for your taste buds. If you are a food lover but health-conscious, then this is the perfect snack to munch on!

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Paneer Tikka:

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka and aloo tikka are some of the snacks that cannot be avoided when you are talking about street food. Paneer is marinated in spices, and then the tikkas are grilled in a tandoor. It is a must-try in some areas of Delhi melting in your mouth. Try to be careful as these hot and yummy tikkas may burn your tongue if eaten in a hurry.

Chole Kulcha:

Famous chole kulche in delhi

This is another popular snack where Kulchas are buttered and fried on the Tawa applying green garlic chutney. Chole is a delicious curry that is prepared with cooked chickpeas with a combination of spices. The curry is then sprinkled with cheese, coriander, onions adding more taste. Many stalls serve homemade pickles that go perfectly well with the chole kulcha combination.

Gol Gappe:

Best street food in west delhi

Gol gappe is a popular snack available at every nook and corner of the city, making it a favorite of people of all ages. Known as Pani poori in Mumbai, Puchka, in Kolkata, you cannot get the tangy, spicy flavor of Gol gappe anywhere. A piece of papdi dipped in dahi is a must after the burning of these gol gappes cause.

Best Street Food Places in Delhi:

  • The Paranthe Wali Gali in the area of Chandini chowk is famous for the types of paranthas you can try! Many of the places open in this area built during the 1800s. Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan, Pandit Babu Ram Devi Dayal’s, Pandit Kanhaiya Lal & Durga Prasad’s Parantha Shop to name a few shops that sell hot paranthas.
  • Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi is a place located in Old Delhi that gives you a tasty and cold kulfi with several flavors. This place provides you with extraordinary flavors like paan, tamarind, mango, and pomegranate, to name a few.
  • Bikanerwala, Streets foods by Punjab grill, Chaayos are some of the best places in and around the international airport in New Delhi. They provide you with hot and cold beverages with yummy snacks that you will have to try!
  • A railway station is a place frequently traveled by many people; they offer a lot of street foods you can try before you board the train. Hira chaat corner, Haldiram’s, Ashok chaat corner are a few famous street foods you can try that is pocket friendly.
  • Delhi Haat is another place where you can find soft and moist cakes and serve foods that belong to all the various states of the country, giving you a taste of every state. The stalls here are open from 11 am to 9 pm.
  • Karol bagh is another place that provides North Indian street dishes along with the famous Kulfi-Faluda that soothe your sour in the scorching heat. You can also find hot chole bhature with a big glass of lassi that will fill your stomach, etching it in your memory.
  • Rajouri garden market is a must-visit place that gives you an authentic taste of gol gappas, tikkis, and a variety of chaats that are served in large amounts for minimal cost.
  • Chandini Chowk is another place that serves all types of foods, sweet to savory, along with the famous fruit chaat.

Delhi is not only the national capital of the country, and it houses people of all types giving us an example of Unity In Diversity. The fast lifestyle of the people that stay here has increased the street food culture much more. With the list of the best street foods in Delhi, you can easily navigate through the streets, enjoying every bit of the street food.