6 Low-Calorie Food Combos For Quick Weight Loss

6 Low-Calorie Food Combos For Quick Weight Loss

Experimenting with calorie calculations can leave you with the loss of slimming ambitions. If you’re tired of putting down every ingredient you put in your mouth, it’s time to read through the following list of 6 low-calorie food combos for quick weight loss. These simple recipes will offer you the chance to combine your favorite fruits, veggies and foods without suffering from the guilt of overeating. Consume a generous amount of organic ingredients during your diet plan to get rid of extra pounds in a healthy way.

1. Oatmeal and Peach

Provide your system with the necessary amounts of vitamin and dietary fiber to lose weight dramatically. Include this snack recipe into your weekly meal plan for dazzling results. Combine oatmeal with a few slices of peach and consume only 90 calories per serving. Strip off a few stubborn pounds by eating similar healthy meals for breakfast and dinner.

6 Low-Calorie Food Combos For Quick Weight Loss

2. Cinnamon and Apple Slices

Are you fond of the tasting-bud-pampering flavor of cinnamon? In order to shed extra pounds it is wise to team up this popular spice with a few slices of apple.

Sprinkle cinnamon over baked or raw apple and enjoy the guilt-free gourmet experience this dessert offers. The calorie content of 1 generous portion of cinnamon apple is 90 calories.

3. Baked Fish and Vegetables

In order to inject some versatility into your diet plan it is wise to experiment with delicious food combos.

Baked fish and vegetables will do magic with your digestive system and on a long-term also with your silhouette. Look for recipes which help you combine these two vitamin-rich ingredients.

4. Barbecued Corn and Tomatoes

Pamper your senses with this slimming snack which require less time and effort than any other low-calorie meal. Barbecued corn when complemented with tomatoes and other veggies will give you a sense of fullness for a longer period of time. Resist the temptation of munching with similar healthy stuffing food options.

5. Lentil and Broccoli Salad

Losing weight is not that hard if you find out more about the simplest and most delicious recipes you can use. During your slimming project make sure you experiment with this tasty combination of lentil and broccoli. These two veggies packed with vitamins will contribute to the proper functioning of your metabolism and digestive system.

6. Baked Salmon and Cucumber Salad

Try your hand at the delicious low-calorie meal recipes offered by pro nutritionists. Lose weight by combining baked salmon and cucumber into a tasty salad. The result of your culinary project will be a healthy snack which loads your body with vitamins and dietary fiber.

6 Low-Calorie Food Combos For Quick Weight Loss

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