7 Beach-Body Exercise Tips

7 Beach-Body Exercise Tips

7 Beach-Body Exercise Tips

Define your goals when it comes to slimming and make small or more dramatic changes in your lifestyle to guarantee the success of your plan. Learn how to burn calories with the following 7 beach-body exercise tips. Show off your perfectly-toned silhouette during the hot season.

1. Cycling Session

Riding the bike offers you the chance to tone all your muscle groups. In order to add variety to your exercise session first start with short jaunts in your street and then each day add other streets to your map until you reach a mile. The warm season allows you to get physical in a fun way.

2. Stability Ball Exercise

Tone your abs with this simple exercise. Use a stability ball and keep your back on the surface of it. The next step is to put your hands behind your head. Start contracting your abdominal muscles by lifting your shoulder blades and your upper back. Repeat these crunches at least 20 times to see the dazzling results. Keep a similar exercise sesh at least 2-3 times per week.

7 Beach-Body Exercise Tips

3. Hill Running

Get out there and sculpt your silhouette with hill running. First keep a warm-up stretching session for 10 minutes. If you’re at the gym, set the treadmill to 10% grade.

Then switch to sprint running for 20 seconds then walk with a 0.5% grade for no more than 3 minutes. In order to achieve the best results repeat this session 8 times. It is enough to include this workout into your schedule only once a week.

4. Easy Weight Lifting

Get in an amazing shape with easy weight lifting exercise sessions.

In order to have a dream silhouette all you have to do is include no more than 4 of these training days in your monthly exercise routine. Make 3-5 repetitions of weight lifting to boost the fat burning process in your organism.

5. Rowing Machine

Fitness experts agree that the rowing machine is your best friend when it comes to sculpting your figure for the pool-party season. Exercising on this gym equipment allows you to burn calories at an extremely high rate. Work on your abs, thighs and arms like a professional. Have at least 2-3 rowing sessions per week for amazing results.

6. Step Aerobics

Squats and crunches can become so boring. Instead, you should try step aerobics which allows you to shed extra pounds in the most efficient way. Work your hips, arms and abs like a pro. Experts guarantee amazing results only in 2 weeks. Attend a step aerobics session at least twice a week to have a mesmerizing silhouette.

7. Zumba and Dancing

Lose weight dramatically with dancing. Attend a Zumba exercise session and keep on moving for an hour to burn hundreds of calories. Zumba classes allow you to sculpt your curvy silhouette and get rid of abdominal fat.

7 Beach-Body Exercise Tips

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