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How to Stick to Your Diet While on Vacation

How to Stick to Your Diet While on Vacation

When you’re still focused on weight loss during your vacation, you can still diet without feeling like you’re missing out on anything. With the help of a few essential rules, you can still keep up with your efforts for a healthier lifestyle, while still enjoying your vacation.

Discover the best vacation diet tips, advice that will help you stay on track for your weight loss goal during your vacation without regretting it or finding it frustrating.

Choose Your Vacation Spot Carefully

No matter what kind of vacation you’re thinking of, you can always find a version of it that has plenty of opportunities for staying active. 

Unless you’re going to visit Wine Country and fill up on every meal, you can make sure that your chosen vacation spot has options for a little exercise, whether it’s indoor sports or outdoor activities.

How to Stick to Your Diet While on Vacation

Sample the Local Produce

Sticking to what works is a good idea when you’re trying to lose weight, but one of the best vacation diet tips advises you to sample the local produce. Seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables can deliver more nutrients while still giving you plenty of fiber and water. When you do want to experience the fatty version of local cuisine, simply downsize your portions.

Stick to Yogurt

Even when you do go for local foods, don’t forget to eat natural yogurt with live cultures. It can improve your digestion and prevent constipation, but it also has other special fat-fighting powers. Try local dairy, but don’t go for the whole version or just for the low fat options. Fats in yogurt are healthy as long as they’re not consumed in excess.

Treat Yourself Once a Day

One of the best vacation diet tips is to indulge yourself when it comes to local treats, but keep it in check. One delicious treat a day should be enough that you don’t feel frustrated. If you’ve already had your treat for the day, stick to the healthier options for the rest of it.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Forget about the mini bar and stay clear of temptation, especially when it comes in liquid form. You can enjoy tequila shots anytime, but if you’re on vacation and worried about your weight, it’s best to get your calories from local delicacies, instead of loading up on alcohol. Keep your coffee black and avoid sodas. Drinking more water also helps, especially when you drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

Eat In for One Meal Every Day

Going out to eat every meal at a restaurant might help you enjoy more of the local cuisine, but one of the best vacation diet tips is to eat in for one meal. The easier way to do this is to have some fresh fruit and oatmeal or cereal in your room for a healthy breakfast. Also make sure that you have healthy snack options available when you’re feeling peckish.

How to Stick to Your Diet While on Vacation

Avoid Munching at the Table

Stay away from bread, chips or any other kind of snack you’ll find on your table at the restaurant. Counting calories becomes very difficult when you snack on these carb-rich foods. Ask your waiter to take them away if nobody else is having them either, since it’s easier to resist when they’re not sitting in front of you on the table.

Make Better Choices at Restaurants

Even if you’ve skipped the bread sticks, some of the best vacation diet tips also entail improving your choices at a restaurant. Knowing how to avoid fatty condiments and how to request a grilled version of a usually fried dish are important steps in making sure you’re eating something that’s both delicious and healthy.

Eat Carbs Early

If you can’t say no to a big bowl of pasta, eat for lunch at the latest. Refined carbs break down very easily into sugars so they’re not recommended for the later meals of the day. However, if you enjoy them earlier in the day, they can fuel anything from exercise to long walks between tourist attractions in your vacation spot.

Use Walking as Your Exercise Routine

One of the best vacation diet tips is to stay active, even when you’re making the right choices with your meals, and walking is the easiest way to that done. Instead of taking the bus or a short cab ride, enjoy the local scenery and walk to your destination.

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