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7 Simple Diet Tips to Cut Calories

7 Simple Diet Tips to Cut Calories

Lighten your meals and snacks by using the following 7 simple diet tips to cut calories. Follow a healthy and balanced weight loss plan to get rid of extra pounds in a fun way. Enjoy your favorite dishes with a few small changes in the ingredient list. There’s no need to avoid the food items you really love if you’re willing to work with low-calorie and vitamin-rich ingredients.

1. Low-Calorie Mashed Potatoes

Eat delicious mashed potatoes without feeling guilty about weight gain. Swap butter for chicken broth in your mashed potato recipe. Add an ambrosial aroma to your meal without piling up on calories. You’ll get the soft texture of potatoes using broth and you’ll be able to save up to 150 calories for dessert.

2. Combine Cereals with Fruits

Cereals may not be enough to save you from cravings. Therefore, combine cereals with fruits to give yourself a sense of fullness for a longer period of time. Skip your pre-lunch snack by having a delicious and filling breakfast. Save precious calories with this simple expert-approved slimming trick.

7 Simple Diet Tips to Cut Calories

3. Add Honey instead of Syrup to Your Pancakes

Save hundreds of calories by adding honey instead of syrup to your pancakes. You’ll have the same delicious aroma if you decide to opt for low-calorie honey instead of any other sugary syrups. Re-think your favorite recipes and see whether you can improve your meal plan with small changes.

4. Plain Foods

The key to achieve your slimming goals is to consume more plain foods and skip dressings, toppings and other calorie-rich ingredients.

Cheese dips, gravy and creamy sauces can ruin your low-calorie diet. These dressings are all packed with fat and calories. If you want to go for a sauce, opt for tomato- and veggie-based ones.

5. Match Cakes and Pies with Cottage Cheese

This is probably the simplest trick you can use to lose weight dramatically. Control your cravings by matching a slice of your favorite pie or cake with cottage cheese. The protein-content of this ingredient slows down the release of sugar into your blood and allows you to keep your insulin on the right level. Pay special attention to portions to make sure you avoid overeating.

6. Turn Your Sandwich into a Veggie Sandwich Filling

Are you fond of quick snacks like tasty sandwiches? This time skip bread and create a delicious salad using all the necessary ingredients from your sandwich. In a medium bowl mix tuna, turkey, egg and healthy vegetables to load your organism with protein and vitamins instead of extra calories. This is an A-list trick to control your hunger and resist the temptation of in-between-main-meals snacks.

7. Top Your Bread with Hummus or Pesto

Reduce the consumption of butter, jams and other high-calorie spreads to save hundreds of calories. Choose hummus and pesto as your best food options to have with your whole grain bread. Get used to eating nutritious and filling breakfasts to spare yourself from cravings and have fun while losing weight.

7 Simple Diet Tips to Cut Calories

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