9 Best Medicine Ball Exercises for Core Strength

The perfect item for any gym is the medicine ball. It is small and easy to use for a productive and fast workout. They are not bigger than a basketball and come in various weights going up to 25 pounds. So here are some highly effective medicine ball workouts that will help you score the perfect ten on your figure over time.

Effective Medicine Ball Exercises for Abs:

1. Big Circles:

medicine ball exercises - Big Circles

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Also keep knees slightly bent.
  • Hold the ball with both hands and extend it above your head straight.
  • Rotate your arms clockwise at equidistant without bending your arms at any point.
  • Form a big circle as slowly as possible while properly stretching your arms.
  • Helps tone the arms and the shoulders.

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2. Single Arm Push Up:

Single Arm Push Up - Medicine Ball Exercises

This is exactly same as a normal one hand push up just use the ball under the arm you keep to the ground for support. Repeat as many as possible to tone your arms.

3. Lumberjack or Wood Chop:

Medicine Ball Exercises - Lumberjack or Wood Chop

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Also keep knees slightly bent.
  • With both hands hold onto the ball and raise it up to your shoulders.
  • Bend forward down to your waist and swing your arms forward down between your legs and squat down in the process.
  • Reverse the same movement keeping your hands as straight as possible.
  • This core exercise tones your oblique muscles and helps shed away the love handles and floppy biceps.

4. Overhead Throw:

Medicine Ball Exercises - Overhead Throw

  • Bring up the ball under your chin with your thumbs pointing towards your neck.
  • Squat down and throw the ball straight up as high in the air as possible.
  • Squat back up as you release and let the ball fall on the ground.
  • This ab workout is ideal for hand eye co-ordination and upper back as well as shoulders.

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5. Ball Slam:

medicine ball exercises - Ball Slam

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Also keep knees slightly bent.
  • Bring the ball above your head with your arms reaching back as far as possible.
  • Swing your arms forward and slam it against the ground hard.
  • As the ball bounces off catch it and repeat.
  • This is perfect for hand eye co-ordination and for sweating it out hard and fast.

6. Standing Russian Twist:

medicine ball exercises - Standing Russian Twist

  • Hold your feet up and lock them together with your knees bent.
  • Hold the ball with both hands and twist to either sides.
  • Do not break this posture and make equal twists on both sides.
  • Awesome workout for flatter abs.

7. V-Ups:

medicine ball exercises - V-Ups

  • Lie straight on your back on the floor or mat.
  • Keep your arms above your head while holding the ball on the floor.
  • Raise your both feet an inch off the floor and hold.
  • Now try to touch the medicine ball to your feet, keeping your lower back as a fulcrum.
  • This will form a V shape with your arms and upper body. Hold and repeat.

8. Squat- Ups:

medicine ball exercises - Squat- Ups

  • Hold the ball with both hands straight in front in line with your shoulders.
  • Squat down shoulder-width apart till your back and knees are perpendicular to each other.
  • Now jerk upwards to raise your hands and body in a straight line.
  • Stronger core muscles and toned inner thighs can be achieved easily with this.

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9. Romanian Dead Lift:

medicine ball exercises - Romanian Dead Lift

  • Hold the ball in one hand and lift the hand in line with your chest.
  • Bend forward on the same side leg which has the arm holding the ball
  • Balance your body like a T on one leg.
  • Repeat on next leg.
  • This is a universally effective workout which can be done free hand and with weights. It will strengthen the core and helps with finding the balance.

See what you like and get working on your fabulous bikini body for this summer.