9 Best Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods care basically foods which demand more energy compared to the amount it provides. These types of foods require a lot of energy for digestion. Negative calorie foods are recommended to people who are on diet aiming to lean down. You won’t feel hungry as these foods require a lot of time to break down compared to others which also burn down fat to an extent. Chilled beverages are calorie negative.

Most Effective Negative Calorie Foods for Weight Loss:

Below are some of the best calorie negative foods.

1. Celery:

negative calorie foods

This food is low in fiber and contains a large amount of water compared to the amount of fiber. It tastes great and is one of the best vegetables that you should eat. This vegetable will provide your body with the least amount of calorie possible and almost burn out your energy level which is required for digestion. Celery will keep your stomach for a long period of time and reduce the urge of eating. This will eventually lead to less consumption of food and low building of calorie particles.

2. Grapefruit:

Negative Calorie Foods 2

The grapefruit burns more calories than it contains. This fruit has a variety of uses in the field of healthy and beauty and burns calories as well. A major portion of this fruit is water and the rest is basically roughage. Grapefruits are loaded with a unique fiber called pectin which is beneficial in reducing pains. This type of fiber keeps your stomach full as well. Grapefruit is also considered as an effective part of most of the natural remedies for fighting heart diseases.

3. Leafy Greens:

Negative Calorie Foods 3

Leafy green vegetables should be included in a fat-burning diet as they are anti-calorie foods. These foods contain large amounts of water. The amount of fiber in leafy greens is almost equal to that of water. Your stomach will require a lot of time to digest the fibers contained in these foods which will definitely reduce the rate of intake of foods. Lettuces are also effective anti-calorie foods.

4. Lemon:

Negative Calorie Foods 4

Lemon or lemon juice is a popular anti-calorie food. The goodness of lemons in the field of health cannot be neglected. Lemon when mixed with hot water (warm lemon water) forms an effective detoxifying solution. Proper intake of lemons will reduce the number of calories in your body.

5. Watermelon:

Negative Calorie Foods 5

This fruit effectively reduces the rate of intake of calories. Watermelon contains very low amount of calories in them and probably the best anti-calorie fruit ever. This fruit has tons of uses. For example – in salads, juices, or mixed with other fruits. The fruit is rich in Vitamin B and other essential minerals.

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6. Lean Meat With Low Calories:

Negative Calorie Foods 6

Low-calorie meats contain a very low percentile calories compared to the usual ones. Lean turkeys, pork or chicken are good sources of protein and will enhance your body mass with a very low percentile of fat.

7. Broths:

Negative Calorie Foods 7

These low-calorie foods come with great flavor and are one of the tastiest and nutritious foods ever. Foods like broths can keep you full and reduce the want of eating more. At the end of the day, you will be left with an adequate amount of food in your stomach without any harmful calories. Broths are much better than other gravy and soup stuff.

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8. Yogurt:

Negative Calorie Foods 8

We all are aware of the numerous uses of yogurt. Though being high in calories than the above foods, yogurt can successfully burn down the amount of excess fat in your body. People who want to lose weight are often recommended with yogurt.

9. Oranges:

Negative Calorie Foods 9

Oranges can efficiently reduce the number of calories in your body. This fruit is very beneficial if you’re on a body fat reduction diet.

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