9 Home Remedies for Rashes on Inner Thighs

The irritation or chafing in between or inner thighs is irresistible and we search for a private place to find some relief. The rashes on the thighs is a very common problem in both men and women and it triggers or gets extravagated due to improper hygiene, skin infection and even because of some allergies the rashes takes place on any part thigh inner, between or upper part. The inner thigh rashes or jock itch are a very common problem for obese people because of the constant friction of thighs while they are on move. In case if you wear lycra tight non-skin friendly underwear might cause rash so stick to a cotton inner and secure from rashes.

Excessive sweating and wearing very tight clothes like jeans or trousers and even cause rashes in-between the thighs because of too much rubbing takes place between clothes and that region.

Symptoms of Rashes on Inner Thighs:

  • At the initial stage, the affected area would get red and there would persistent itching and burning sensation out there.
  • The skin out there can become flaky, the skin colour might change and the rash could become worse it the friction continues.

Cure Rash Between Inner Thighs Naturally:

These rashes usually affect the groin and inner thighs area and might spread to the abdomen and buttocks it not treated on time but the scrotum is not affected by any chance. Let’s have a journey that how we can cure these rashes by using home products and cure these gets relieved.

1. Magical Aloe Vera to Treat Inner Thigh Rashes:

This magical plant is used for the enormous purpose and it used widely to treat a rash on inner thighs. You can simply apply the fresh gel extracted from the leaves or even mix some ingredients and make it more effective.

Process of Application:

In a bowl mix three tablespoons of aloe vera gel along with some fresh-brewed green tea and lavender water. Apply the mix on the rash area and allow it to dry. Then wash it cold water and apply for 2-3 times a day to reduce rashes.

2. Amazing Clay To Treat Inner Thigh Rashes:

Earthy ingredients are always useful to reduce any skin ailment and even minimize inflammation and itching occurring in that area. You can apply bentonite clay to reduce rashes.

Process of Application:

Mix water with the bentonite clay in a bowl and mix it well so that no lumps are there, spread it on the affected area and allow it to get dry completely. Then wash it with water and apply twice a day see improvement.

3. Soothing Mint Leaves to Treat Inner Thigh Rashes:

The mint leaves lend a cooling effect and lends relief from pain and itching reduces inflammation at the same time also.

Process of Application:

Take a soft clean cloth and soak in cold water for 5 minutes and then take it out and drain the water from it. With the hands crush some 20-30 mint leaves and place it on the cloth and then slowly dab the rah area for a few seconds and repeat the same for 5-10 minutes. Then wash it with cold water and repeat twice a day for faster results.

4. Wonderful Garlic And Honey Paste to Treat Inner Thigh Rashes:

Both this combination helps to reduce the itching and reduce rashness in an effective way.

Process of Application:

Take two crushed garlic cloves and one tablespoon honey and mix it well. Then apply on the rash area and leave for 20 minutes and clean it off with water. For desired results apply twice a day.

5. Healing Neem Oil to Treat Rash In Between Thighs:

Neem leaves can treat ski-related issues and reduce rashes in an effective way.

Process of Application:

In a clean blender churn handful of neem leaves with rose water and make a fine paste and apply on the affected part, allow it to get dry completely. Wash with cold water and you can simply sprinkle some neem leaves in the bathtub and leave it for some time and take bath with this water and minimize skin related problems.

6. Use Oatmeal Treat Rash In Between Thighs:

This is a great ingredient to treat rashes which occur in between the thighs. The moisturizer properties heal the rashes in an easy way out as it absorbs the excess moisture from that part and reduces itching also.

Process of Application:

Take one cup of oatmeal and add it to the bathwater and allow it to get soaked for 15-20 minutes. Then simply rinse it with normal water and pat it dry. Do this twice a day and get relaxed.

7. Onion Juice to Treat Upper Thigh Rash:

Onion is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties thus can easily reduce the rash on the upper thigh part.

Process of Application:

Crush a half onion and extract its juice in a bowl and with the help of cotton apply the juice on the affected area. Once it gets dry reapply once again, repeat the same for 4-5 times and then finally allow it to get dry and wash with cold water. Do this daily and easily get rid of rashes.

8. Ice Compress To Treat Upper Thigh Rash:

The cold compression helps a lot to reduce rashness and lends a soothing effect on the thigh area.

Process of Application:

On a clean cloth place, some ice cubes and gently rubs the affected area for a minute and shift to other area and you could feel the inflammation has drastically reduced. Keep on doing this for5-10 minute and do it several times a day to get instant relief.

Ensure do not directly apply the ice on the skin as it would damage the skin.

9. Healing Turmeric to Treat Rashes on Thighs:

Turmeric is being used since centuries to cure all type of skin ailment as has all the healing properties.

Process of Application:

Combine two tablespoon of fresh or organic turmeric with few drops of water and apply on the affected part. Allow it to get dry and clean it with cold water. Repeat twice a day for faster results and you can daily use mix some turmeric powder in bathing water and minimize skin-related issues.

You can try these remedies at home and cure your ailment but certain things you should keep in mind.

  • Start consuming food which is rich in Vitamin C as fights back with the bacteria which causes rashes.
  • Using chemical-free soap and follow the basic hygiene routine.
  • Wear loose clothes and try to keep the area dry as sweating and warmth can aggravate the rashes.