Adi Mudra – How To Do Steps And Its Benefits

Mudra is a yesteryear art form. This has been practised by our ancestors since years. Our ancestors have always attributed to numerous benefits of mudra. The other meaning of mudra is “energy seal”. This is used to seal your energy to utilize it for future activities. These mudras are mostly physical activities which is used to seal energy.

The Energy Can Be Used In Following Three Fields:-

  • Dance (this can be used to express your feeling and emotions)
  • Rituals (this can be used to perform certain worships)
  • Hatha yoga (this is mostly used in order to stabilize your mind)

Adi Mudra

Do you know we have a very detailed science of mudra. This science of mudra deals with the significance of fingers. There are 5 different significance attached to different fingers.

  • Thumb finger indicates agni / fire
  • Index finger indicates air / vayu
  • Middle finger indicates space / akash
  • Ring finger indicates earth / prithvi
  • Little fingers indicate water / jal

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Imbalances of these 5 elements in your body can disturb your entire internal system. It can cause serious damages in your body. This can disturb your immune system and can cause numerous diseases. Thus, our ancestors always used to recommend to practise mudra in order to balance your body.

Adi Mudra Steps, Meaning And Its Benefits:

You can follow the bellow data about the adi mudra and meaning, steps and benefits.

Let’s Understand The Meaning Of Adi Mudra:

One of such very important mudra is Adi mudra. It has very deep inhibited significance in our Indian tradition. This mudra focuses on breathing patterns and your internal chest structure. And a healthy chest structure is only possible when you have really healthy habits. By healthy habits i mean no smoking and no drinking. Thus, adi mudra is associated with all that.

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How To Perform Adi Mudra:

After understanding the deep significance and relevance of adimudra we must focus on how to do this adi mudra. Below are the detailed steps wherein we will explain you as how to do and excel over this mudra

1. Sit in a lotus or very easy half seated position. The first condition of any mudra exercise is comfort. You must be in a comfortable position to do this exercise. Also, try to sit on a mat. This will ensure that you get some balance while doing this mudra.

2. Make a strong fist by cuddling your four fingers encircling your thumb. The hands must be in a position of facing downwards. You must be sitting in the position of diamond or vajrasana.

3. Now, begins the major part of this adi mudra. You need to concentrate on your breathing pattern. The breathing should be in the ratio of 4:3:6:3. Let me explain you what it is. You need to inhale 4 times and then keep the air inside and count till 3. After which exhale 6 times while keeping your belly empty and without air by counting till 3.

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Benefits Of Adi Mudra:

  • It increases the capacity of the lungs
  • It helps your vital organs to function effectively
  • It increase and stimulates your oxygen flow to vital areas like throat and head areas
  • It quietens and calms the nervous system
  • It takes in charge of the vital sensory organs and motivates and stimulates them
  • It increase your mental activeness by making you more alert ion the long run

Tips And Tricks To Do Adi Mudra:

You need to repeat the entire adi mudra cycle for 7 times only. Do it everyday for 30 minutes only. You can do for 30 minutes either at a stretch or you can do it in installments.