Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose) – How To Do And Its Benefits

Asana or pose helps in regulating the system of the body and also brings rhythm and harmony to your mind. One such asana which that really helps in strengthening of your wrists and arms is Astavakrasana or Eight Angle Pose. It is one of the most advanced arm balance pose in yoga. Astavakrasana is a Sanskrit word where asta means eight and vakra means bent. But its name is derived from the great Hindu sage name Astavakra.  This pose is mostly recommended for practitioners who have achieved the highest level in yoga and is regarded as one of the most advanced form of yoga. So please be very careful while performing this asana. To learn this asana follow the instructions step by step given below.


Step By Step Astavakrasana:

1. Put a mat on the floor.

2. To start this asana, sit on the mat and just stretch out your feet. Keep your palm firm and should be placed on the floor. Now, keeping your feet flexed, extend your leg straight. Now slowly hug your right knee to your chest. Now take 3 deep breaths.

3. Now, slowly bring your right knee behind to your shoulder at the right.  But just be sure that while being in this posture, your right thigh should rest on right triceps.

4. Now draw your shoulders onto your back. Take a deep breath and start lifting your hips and also lift your leg off the ground. Now carefully hook your left ankle straight on the right ankle.

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5. Slowly leaving your breath, just bring your shoulders forward forming a 90 degree angle in your elbows. At the same time, just allow your foot to be in the swinging position to the right side. When are in this posture, keep your legs firmly and just squeeze your right arm with your inner thighs.

6. Be in this posture for say about a minute. During this posture, just keeping focused on one single point. Try and keep your face looking downward towards the ground. Now carefully revert back to your original position. Then rest yourself for 2-3 minutes and start practicing this pose once again. Second time you can repeat this pose starting with right leg first.

This asana should be done by people who are highly flexible. It really helps in the strengthening of your core muscles. People learning this asana should first learn it from an expert yoga practitioner. It not only helps in guiding you better, but also protects you from injuring yourself. People suffering from shoulder, elbow and knee injury should totally avoid this pose. People suffering from Carnal Tunnel Syndrome should also avoid this pose. You can definitely modify this pose if you’re a beginner. Using bolster beneath your leg may help you better. If learnt incorrect manner this asana provides you with immense benefits. Let us look at the benefits of Astavakrasana.

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Benefits Of Astavakrasana:

  • It helps in the strengthening of core muscles.
  • It also helps to tone your body and keep you physically fit and healthy.
  • It helps to strengthen the muscles of your arms and the wrist.
  • This asana is very good stress reliever. It helps in increasing your concentration, balance and perseverance.
  • This asana not only helps in stretching your muscles and also your spine. It helps in keeping you away from all kinds of chronic related problems.
  • This pose really helps in building your stamina and also improves your blood circulation.

So start learning Astavakrasana asana from today. It will not only make your healthy, but also playful.  So Happy Learning.

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