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Atmanjali Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Atmanjali Mudra  Sign Of Respect :

Mudras have quite significant link to ancient Indian history. Many innovative activities are being linked to mudras or physical exercises. And most importantly mudras have become an inseparable portion of Indian lifestyle. We have been using mudras or yoga exercises since number of years to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Atmanjali Mudra

Asthma Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits

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Meaning Of Asthma Mudra:

One of such indispensable mudra is Atmanjali Mudra. It is a hand gesture to show a token of respect to others. Atmanjali mudra is also known as “Namaskar Mudra”. Now, in Hindi we all know what namaskar actually means. So, let’s find out what is Atmanjali mudra meaning? It is a sign of showing respect and regards to the person who is standing in front of you. This is a hand gesture which is practised throughout Asia and even beyond that.

These significant mudra exercise or gesture is practised in multiple countries. Some are the immediate neighbors of India while some are distant like – Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, laos, Burma and Indonesia. Other than this these respect and regard showing hand gesture is extremely popular in a number of eastern countries.

The other meaning or relevance of Atmanjali mudra can be worship. Because we fold hands before worshiping God or even our elders. In eastern tradition elders are also given equal respect and regards just like God. Also, other significant use of atmanjali mudra is before beginning or conclusion of any yoga asanas.

It is done in beginning in order to thank god and ask him for the strength and power to begin the exercise. I have also seen numerous people practising atmanjali mudra while the day begins. It is like a sun saturation or surya namaskar exercise. In this case we bow our heads and fold our hands towards the sun. This not is a gesture to thank god but also to welcome the day and the challenges ahead of it.

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How To Steps For Asthma Mudra:

  • It should be done with your both hands, at first keep your hands together before your heart.
  • Leave some little free space between the hands.

Asthma Mudra Benefits:

Now, there are immense scientific proves of atmanjali mudra benefits. It helps you to come to a meditation state. Also, this physical execution pose brings flexibility to your hands, fingers, legs and overall body. This yoga posture brings a sort of positive energy and radiation in your body parts.  Scientists have argued worldwide that atmanjali mudra also brings equilibrium in the right and left hemisphere of brain. It brings harmony and peace to your life which is sort of reliving because today’s lifestyle is all filled of stress and anxiety.

Atmanjali mudra is an extremely popular physical gesture which has immense number of benefits. Atmanjali mudra is actually a centering pose. The centering pose is targeted or done to concentrate all your energy at one point so that you will be relieved of the surrounding anxiety, pain and stress.

This mudra hand gesture exercise allows you to minimize or sideline the surrounding noise or tensions and concentrate on only one single point. This is mostly used by fitness experts or practitioners to concentrate on one point. This is like a crucial tool to concentrate on one point and eliminate you from the surrounding things. This mudra practise helps the practitioners and everyone who does or practices this mudra exercise to mediate at one point.

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So, this is much better. Also, have you witnessed how atmanjali mudra is practised? You need to fold and bring your hands in front of your heart. This makes your heart much more silent and peaceful and actually regulates your heart beat. Atmanjali mudra is like a supplementary meditation which is very required in case of extreme anxiety and stress. This mudra practise is also known to bring clarity in thoughts.

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