Avocado Benefits And Uses For Skin, Hair And Health


An avocado is a fruit which is packed with many properties that can help the human body stay fit and fine, externally and internally as well, say experts. It is a fact that the avocado is high in calories and fats, however, they are also known to be good to eat so that the body gains all the benefits it can provide. With an abundance of heart healthy compounds and nutrients in the fruit, the avocado was known to be a delight for European sailors, since the paste of the fruit was used as a spread on their bread for breakfast instead of butter.

Avocado is a decent source of various supplements like vitamins, minerals, cancer prevention agents, flavonoids, carotenoids, dietary filaments, key unsaturated fats and so forth which make them extremely valuable for our well being.

Avocado is a heavenly organic product that develops on the tree of the same name and is local to South Central Mexico. It has a place with blooming plant family Lauraceae. Naturally it is a substantial berry that contains a solitary seed. They come in different shapes like a pear shape, egg shape and round. In this article, we will think about the real benefits of avocados eating.

Avocado Benefits

The world is blessed with more than eighty breeds of the avocado, say experts. The ‘hass’ avocado is the most commonly found and consumed, and the tree originates in California, say sources. In some countries, the avocado is called the “alligator pear” since it is shaped as such and the texture of its skin is green and a little rough to look at as well.

Consuming An Avocado Gives One The Benefits Of:

  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • B6
  • Good calories
  • Heart-healthy unsaturated fats
  • Saturated fat
  • Happiness

Avocado Benefits And Advantages:

So if you dont feel like having an avocado just like that, have it as a salad or use it’s oil to dress the salad. The fruit has plenty of benefits for skin hair and health, which we would ask you to read below for more information.

Wonderful Avocado Health Benefits:

1. Healthy Eyes:

An avocado has plenty of carotenoids in it, which works wonders as an antioxidant in the body, and keeps the eyes healthy too. Right from zeaxanthin to alpha carotenes and beta carotenes along with vitamin E in it, the fruit helps the body absorb nutrients from other sources of foods consumed and also from it’s own source too, say experts.

2. For Weight Loss:

Lose weight having half an avocado everyday, say dietitians. This is because the body would need to stay full which can only happen when enough of fibre is given to the stomach, both soluble and insoluble types. Both fibre types help the body run smoothly and slows down the breaking of consumed carbs too, hence the feeling of being full longer and for more time is possible. Another reason why an avocado can help you lose weight is because of the oleic acid found in it, which can convince the brain that the body is full, hence preventing the need to overindulge and gorge.

3. Balance The Sugar Levels:

Blood sugar levels can be stabilised by having half an avocado in any form on a day to day basis, say dietitians. The fruit has plenty of monounsaturated fats, rich and creamy which helps slow the digestion process so that the sugar levels aren’t spiked up post meal sessions. Insulin resistance is possible when the diet is high and good, thanks to the steadiness of blood sugar levels given by the humble fruit. Instead of using butter or mayo on your salads and sandwiches, have a dollop of avocado mash on them, and what how the body takes it happily.

4. Best For During Pregnancy:

Helps the unborn baby start off on a healthy note, and helps the pregnant mother too. Studies across the US have shown that a cup of the fruit taken everyday would bring in a lot of health benefits for the expectant mother and her child. For those who are planning on pregnancy or expecting the little one soon, protection is a must and which only an avocado can give, say experts.

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5. Cures Heart Attacks:

Thanks to the abundance of folate in the fruit, heart attacks can now be lowered and the symptoms can be done away as well. Even the scare of having heart diseases some time in the future would be done away with, and if your family has a critical history of the same, or you tend to have factors that can be risky to the heart, have an avocado as recommended by experts. You get to keep a healthy and a happy heart too.

6. Reduce Blood Cholesterol:

Bring down the cause of heart diseases and blocked arteries, have an avocado to lower blood cholesterol levels, say experts. The abundance of oleic acid found in the fruit would help bring down the cholesterol levels, say experts. When rich diets including an avocado is consumed, there would be a decrease, as shown in studies and research. This means, now the LDL can play no more havoc, which if left unchecked would clog the arteries and make things worse. To increase HDL levels of cholesterol in the body for well being and good health, it is thus important to have an avocado.

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7. Good Cardiovascular Health:

Assurance of healthy cardiovascular health and doing away with coronary heart ailments should be anyone’s concern in this day and age, which if left unchecked can be fatal, say experts. The oils we use these days are processed to such an extent where all the good fatty acids and fats are brought to a minimum and this makes it risky for the cardio vascular system too. Hence when the polyunsaturated fats are brought down and there is an increase in monounsaturated fatty acids, our bodies would work wonders. Hence have an avocado to stay healthy

8. Balance The Lipoprotein Cholesterol:

Thanks to the abundance of oleic acid and monounsaturated fats available in the avocado, the existence of low density lipoprotein cholesterol can be brought down to a large extent. In addition to that, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol can be increased, consuming half an avocado on a daily basis, say experts.

9. Soft Skin:

Healthy skin is now possible when the avocado is consumed with its skin or used as a face mask in paste form, say experts. The fruit helps with skin toning and evening, maintenance and moistening too, making the skin soft as a baby’s bottom, fighting free radicals, lowering the signs of ageing and bringing in a lot of omega 9 fats too. Skin cells would be repaired, wrinkles and signs of ageing would be taken care off too, say beauticians and dietitians.

10.Dental  Care:

Taking avocados regularly is extremely advantageous for teeth and helps in keeping up legitimate dental well being due to the presence of antimicrobial and cell reinforcement flavonoids in them. It also aids in treating bad breath, a medical condition commonly called as halitosis, caused mainly due to gastrointestinal issues, by enhancing our digestive well being. It is known that avocados reduce bad breath by killing the harmful pathogens present in the buccal cavity which are responsible for bad breath. It has been found that avocados are additionally viable for diminishing the danger of oral diseases.

11.Protects The Liver:

The liver is a basic organ of our body and harm to it can be extremely risky to our well being. Avocados are exceptionally compelling for keeping our liver in good health furthermore decreases the liver harm. This advantage of avocados is fundamentally because of the occurrence of certain essential nutrients in it. It has been found that devouring avocados assume an essential part in enhancing our liver wellbeing and also protects the scarring of the liver.

12. Kidney Friendly:

Devouring avocado is extremely valuable for keeping our kidneys sound as a result of the abundance of potassium in it. Potassium is an imperative supplement that aides in keeping our kidneys in good healthy by maintain a definite balance of electrolytes within the body. It ought to be noticed that it is essential to have a legitimate potassium equalization in our body as both a lot of and too low potassium level is awful for our well being. Appropriate potassium level keeps our kidneys solid by keeping up balance of fluids within the body, helps in expulsion of poisons out of the body furthermore assumes an essential part in keeping the heart rate within normal range.

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13. Excellent Treatment For The Deficiency Of Vitamin K:

Avocados are an incredible wellspring of vitamin K and one serving of avocados can give around 40 percent of the day by day vitamin K which is necessary of our body. This makes avocados extremely helpful for providing alleviation from vitamin K insufficiency. Vitamin K insufficiency is hazardous and deficiency of these vitamin is accompanied by symptoms internal bleeding within the area of digestive tract, severe bleeding of gums or increase in flow of blood during periods , ligament calcification etc. Pregnant ladies and infants are more inclined to vitamin K insufficiency and it is, accordingly, fitting to incorporate avocados to pregnant and nursing moms.

14. Miraculous Effect In Treating Morning Sickness:

This is also one of the very important health benefits of avocado expending avocado is extremely advantageous for pregnant ladies as it gives alleviation from morning disorder furthermore helps in beating nausea,vomiting, and squeamishness experienced amid pregnancy. This advantage of avocados is primarily because of the abundance of vitamin B6 in it.

15. Aids In Anti Inflammatory Process:

Another health benefit of avocado is its anti inflammatory effect in the body. Avocados are mitigating in nature which implies they are exceptionally compelling for lessening aggravation in tissues, joints, muscles and so forth and are likewise successful for giving help from incendiary infections like arthritis,gout and so on. This calming nature of avocados is due the occurrence of cell reinforcements (like vitamin C) and cancer prevention agent flavonoids and so forth exhibited in them. It is powerful not just to provide alleviation from agony brought about by the provocative maladies (like joint pain) but on the other hand is successful for diminishing the danger of incendiary illnesses.

16. Prevents The Formation Of Cancer:

There are numerous health benefits of avocado fruit one among which is to reduce the danger of a few sorts of growths like oral malignancy, skin tumor, bosom disease, prostate malignancies and so on as a result of the antioxidants, flavonoids and other crucial nutrients present in it. Cell reinforcements like Vitamin C, glutathione and so on present in avocados battles with the free radicals of our body.

17. Gives Antioxidants:

Avocados are a decent wellspring of various cell reinforcements like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione and so on and the presence of these antioxidants make them exceptionally valuable for our wellbeing. These cancer prevention agents balance out the unstabilised particles (free radicals) of our body keeps our body cells from the unsafe impacts of the free radicals, furthermore decreases the danger of different sorts of tumor.

18. Avocado For Skin:

If you want to keep premature ageing and dark spots at bay than avocado for skin health is excellent choice for you.

Make Our Bones Stronger And Reduces Osteoporosis Risk:

Devouring avocado aids in enhancing our bone wellbeing. The carotenoids, for example, Zeaxanthin and Lutein present in avocados lessens the danger of the ligament imperfection. Notwithstanding this, avocados likewise contain fundamental minerals, for example, zinc, phosphorus, copper and following components like calcium and selenium. These mixes help in making our bones more grounded, expands bone thickness and diminishes the danger of advancement of Osteoporosis.

19. Enhance Absorption Of Nutrients:

One of the prime health benefits of avocado is that eating avocados build the better absorption of supplements. They upgrade the supplements present in different types of fruits and veggies.

20. Good For People Suffering From Diabetics:

General utilization of avocados is advantageous for the general population experiencing diabetes as it aids in bringing down blood glucose levels. The dietary strands present in avocados moderate down the retention of sugar by our body and keeps our glucose level from sudden increments. Avocados are low in sugar and 100 grams of avocados gives just 0.7 grams of sugar.

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21. Beneficial For Athletes:

Avocados are a decent wellspring of various supplements like vitamins, minerals, cancer prevention agents, flavonoids, essential mixes and so forth and are additionally high in calories. Devouring 100 grams of avocados gives around 200 calories of vitality. This makes them exceptionally valuable for the competitors as they require a great deal of vitality furthermore need to keep up appropriate nourishment level in their body

22. Controls High Blood Pressure:

Benefits of avocado includes controlling episodes of hypertension. Avocados are a decent wellspring of potassium, which is a crucial supplement that assumes an imperative part in controlling our circulatory strain level. It gives alleviation from hypertension furthermore lessens the danger of different cardiovascular issues like heart assault, heart strokes, unpredictable pulse and so on.

23. Prevent Birth Defects:

Avocados are a rich wellspring of folate and folic corrosive and a solitary measure of avocado gives around 23 percent of the every day prerequisite of folate to our body. Folic corrosive assumes a vital part in the development and advancement of the infants and folate helps in keeping infants from the birth abandons, for example, neural tube imperfection and spina bifida.

24. Avocado For Hairs:

The rundown of benefits of avocado for hair is pretty long. It aids in the treatment of dry hairs as well as itchy scalp.

These were the best benefits of avocado fruit why we love it. You can gain the innumerable health benefits of avocado of this power packed fruit by incorporating it in your diet. And also being scrumptious to eat, avocados are utilized as a part of numerous wellbeing and magnificence items including hair conditioners, face creams and shower oils, to give some examples. You can’t overlook avocados, they taste incredible, they benefit you and they can make you look perfect as well.