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Best Back Exercises for Women

Best Back Exercises for Women

Back exercises for women can help you fix a lot of problems, from unwanted fat to strength issues, and they can also help you look great in a sexy backless dress. Try the best back exercises for women.

Tone your muscles and burn fat with the right types of easy exercises for your back.

Upper Back Exercises for Women

The best way to tone your upper back consists of a series of 3 exercises, the Floor Y-T-I Raises, according to Women’s Health. To get the full effect of some of the best back exercises for women, make sure you perform all three in a row.

Each exercise has you lying down on the floor, face down, with your arms extended. In the Floor Y Raise, they’re angled at 30 degrees, so your body forms the shape of the letter Y. In the T raise, the arms are perpendicular to your body and in the I raise, they’re stretched so your body forms a straight line. With thumbs extended upwards, raise your arms as high as you can for 12 consecutive times.

Best Back Exercises for Women

Lower Back Exercises for Women

If you’re already used to moderate exercise, pull-ups can be an excellent way to increase muscle strength in your lower back. When you want to start with something easier, try single-arm rows. After placing your right hand and right knee on a bench so your body is parallel to the floor (with your left leg on the floor), lift a dumbbell in your left arm towards the chest.

Dead lifts are also an excellent way to work the muscles in your lower back, but you may need help from a professional in selecting the right weight.

Back Fat Exercises for Women

The Rear Lateral raise is one of the best back exercises for women and it can help you burn back fat faster. Standing straight, bend your knees and your entire body forward until it’s almost parallel to the floor. With dumbbells in both your arms, lift them to the height of your back and do 10-12 repeats for each set.

If you have a Swiss exercise ball at hand, do the Ball Y Raise, by lying with your abdomen on the ball and raising your hand with thumbs up until your body gets into the shape of the letter Y.

Best Back Exercises for Women

Back Strengthening Exercises for Women

Lunges with your hands on your hips can work both your back and your leg muscles and they’re one of the truly easy back exercises for women.

Another excellent way to gain strength in your back is the Side Plank. Lie on one side while bending your forearm so your shoulder is right above your elbow. Lift your hips and raise yourself while keeping your forearm on the floor. Keep your body in a straight line and keep the position for 30 seconds, before repeating it once again, then changing sides.

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