Best Fertility Diet Plan For Women – What Things To Eat and Avoid

Women have got the biggest job on earth that makes them only second to God. And this all important job is to give birth to new life. Agreed the men have a significant role to play but then if the soil is not fertile the seeds will not grow.


Types of Infertility:

There are various reasons that can prevent conception and by this I do not imply contraceptives. The significant medical reasons in women are:

  • Infertility due to reversal of ovulation- can be rectified with a diet and exercise
  • Infertility due to physical impediments such as blocked fallopian tubes- must be followed up with tests prescribed by the Doctors to find the real cause of the problem.

While there are a host of myths around foods that boost fertility, let us break down the basics of why a diet is necessary to stop reversal of ovulation.

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Cause Of Reverse Ovulation:

Being under/overweight can delay the time taken by a woman to conceive. The reason is pretty simple. The fat mostly accumulates around our lower bodies adding bulges and tiers. This increasingly starts affecting our ovaries that are now under tremendous pressure from the growing visceral fat. They stop ovulating and you end up missing your periods for months. This can even progress to PCOS which is another cause of concern to our reproductive health altogether.

So this fat must be burned out and removed to make the ovulation possible again and therefore make it possible to conceive sooner than later. The only solution is to lose weight.

Fertility Diet Plan for Women:

Below specified information will tell you about diet for fertility along with how to avoid infertility through not eating specified foods.

Things to Avoid:

Let see what type of things to avoid to increase fertility.

Trans Fats:

Stay miles away from the fast food stalls. These fats not only make our arteries weak they also make our lower abs huge.

Red Meat:

Replace meat from your diet and compensate with vegetable proteins instead. Don’t worry vegetarians have babies too!

Skim Milk:

Skim milk actually promotes infertility. If you don’t like that then have a scoop of ice cream or full-fat yogurt to compensate.

Aerated drinks:

These never do any good to anyone instead increase our insulin levels rapidly that don’t help burn our fats properly. It also spikes up the PCOS issues.

Don’t overdo workouts:

Excess of anything is bad and if you keep losing weight to maintain a size zero then it will surely affect your hormones.

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Things To Eat:

Let’s find what type of food to eat for best fertility.

Bananas (Vitamin B6):

This Potassium rich food contains Vitamin B6 which regulates the hormones, so a deficiency can lead to irregular cycles and poor egg and sperm development.

Asparagus (Folic Acid):

This not only aides healthy hairs but also reduces risks of reverse ovulation. It can be had in form of any green vegetable.

Papaya (Vitamin B12 and Zinc):

A deficiency spikes abnormal oestrogen levels that can lead to hirtruism that is a PCOS trigger.

Eggs (Vitamin D):

Clinical studies show that people with PCOS have abnormally low levels of Vitamin D. Hence this is essential for your fertility diet.

Almonds (Vitamin E):

It has anti-oxidants that protect the sperm and egg DNA. Also it contains the necessary good fats needed by your body. So we can sty that it is a one of the best diet for fertility.

Citrus Fruit (Vitamin C):

The vitamins from citrus fruits and berries improve hormone balance in women.

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Broccoli (Iron and Selenium):

Iron is required for proper blood circulation and hence extremely essential in a fertility diet. Having better levels of iron helps maintain the strength of a fertilized egg. Selenium produces antioxidants that help protect from free radicals and prevent chromosome breakage.

Salmon (Omega fatty Acids):

DHA and omega fatty acids are essential for overall good health and immunity.

Good habits go a long way and it plays a major role into the kind of parents we become. A child is a lot of responsibilities so it’s best to lead by example and make a healthy lifestyle. So start before hand.