Black Coffee For Weight Loss: How does it work?

All you black coffee lovers! It’s time to rejoice, as we have some exciting news for you! Your favourite beverage is proven to do plenty of good to your body and mind. Also, many studies have proven that Black coffee helps in weight loss, compared to any other caffeine-based drinks!

So, what is black coffee? How is it different from the regular one? Black Coffee is your normal coffee prepared without milk, sugar or other additives. It is also called Expresso and is usually bitter in taste compared to the regular variants. Let’s find out how this brew helps you lose weight and belly fat, along with the best ways to use and the daily dosage limits.

Role Of Black Coffee In Weight Loss:

Many fitness aspirants and health professionals are switching to Black coffee and for good reasons! This version has a very low number of calories compared to normal coffee prepared with milk and sugar. Low-calories foods are largely linked to weight loss when combined with regular exercise.

Also, It is linked to increased metabolism due to the high caffeine content present it. As per research, consume caffeine in significant amounts has shown to promote better weight reduction and management. (1)

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Does Black Coffee Burn Fat?

Although there is no solid empirical proof to support the role of Black coffee in fat burning, studies suggest that it could be due to Caffeine. It is known that black coffee induces a good amount of this agent into the body. Higher intake of Caffeine is known to help in better heat generation required by the body, a process called Thermogenesis. (2) This helps in quick burning of fat cells when compared to normal circumstances. Also, Caffeine aids in Lipolysis, which coverts the fat deposits into energy, resulting in the reduction of excess bulk in the body.

Other Benefits of Black Coffee For Weight Loss

Apart from the factors mentioned above, Black coffee also offers the following advantages to promote faster loss of weight:

1. Increases Metabolism:

Black coffee can speed up your metabolic rate with the help of caffeine present in it. Higher the metabolism, the better are your weight loss results. Also, It can be taken before performing cardio exercises can boost energy levels required for the activity.

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2. Reduces Hunger Cravings:

Black coffee can reduce the desire for excessive eating by working on your central nervous system. It can suppress your hunger pangs and makes you want to skip heavy foods which contribute to weight gain.

Best Time to Drink:

Many people believe that drinking black coffee reduces weight when it is had early in the morning. Although it is partly true, having this drink on an empty stomach can trigger a number of side effects like acid refluxes and upset tummy. This is why experts opine that the time frame, 10 am – 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm is ideal for black tea consumption when the cortisol levels are quite high.

How To Use Black Coffee For Weight Loss?

Here are some of the effective tips to maximise the benefits of an Expresso to reduce your weight:

  • Have your black coffee slightly warm to stimulate your digestive process.
  • Also, consuming it an hour before your exercise program can give you optimised results
  • Avoid drinking this beverage late in the nights, as it can damage the quality of your sleep due to high caffeine content. However, if you must have, be sure to maintain atleast two hours gap to your bedtime.
  • If you find coffee too bitter or inedible, then we suggest adding a little bit of sweetener and some plant-based milk (optional). This is a healthy alternative to regular dairy and sugar based drinks.

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Consuming Black coffee with a grain of salt can be more beneficial for weight loss. It has high doses of caffeine, which is also linked to adverse effects on the body and mind. Also, consuming black coffee in excess can make the body immune it its fat-burning properties and lead to a decreased efficacy. So, be mindful of your daily dosage and indulge in a healthy lifestyle along with your favourite cup of joy!