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Clean Eating: Health and Weight Loss Benefits

Clean Eating: Health and Weight Loss Benefits

Clean eating is a lifestyle more and more people are drawn to and its premise is very simple: eating naturally, with as little factory-processed food as possible. This type of diet can certainly reduce your risk of cancer and many other diseases and it can even help you lose weight.

While choosing organic food is part of clean eating, there’s more to it than that. Science has shown time and time again that you are what you eat, so fans of eating clean choose to eat food that hasn’t been factory-processed or chemically enhanced. That has no impact on cooking, and clean eating recipes are just as delicious and complex as regular ones.

What is Clean Eating

There are many types of clean eating, but all of them stem from rejecting certain food. Fans of this trend even have their own publications, like Clean Eating Magazine, for tips on how to choose food better and how to cook delicious clean eating recipes without any unwanted chemicals.

Clean Eating: Health and Weight Loss Benefits

The rules of eating clean can be interpreted by anyone differently and some even go on a clean eating diet for weight loss, but the health benefits of eating whole foods with minimal processing are undeniable, even beyond losing a few pounds.

Tips on Eating Clean

The most important guideline for anyone who wants to eat clean is simply reading the label carefully. Foods that contain more than basic ingredients are usually avoided and some even choose to only buy foods with one ingredient, from vegetables and fruit in their natural state to fresh meat and eggs.

Cooking more and even making your own bread and pastries without any preservatives are big parts of eating clean, but some followers of this lifestyle even go so far as to grow their own food in their yard.

Clean Eating: Health and Weight Loss Benefits

The Eat-Clean Diet

Any clean eating diet is good for you and can help you lose weight in the short run when you’re switching from a diet heavy in processed foods. If you want very fasts results, you might even try The Eat Clean Diet, created by Tosca Reno, who promises weight loss of 3 pounds per week.

Avoiding “chemically charged foods” and especially sugars is a big part of the Eat Clean Diet, but this weight loss program also includes calorie restrictions and regular workouts.

The basics of the Eat Clean Diet include spreading your your food intake over 5-6 smaller meals, never missing a meal and drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily.

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