DNA Diet: How Does It Work?

DNA Diet: How Does It Work?

Considered a fad by many, the DNA diet has a lot of scientific backing. Researchers have found links between certain genes and body weight, and principles derived from your genes can be a clue as to what you’re doing wrong when dieting.

How Does the DNA Diet Work

Many companies offer testing kits and advice on dieting based on the results, but how does that work exactly? A DNA testing diet is based on identifying certain genes that can show how you can metabolize carbs, fat and can even include info about muscle activity and appetite control.

Based on the results of the tests, nutritional specialists can advise you on what type of diet would work best on your genes. One of the most renowned DNA Diets, the Nordiska diet, helped participants lose an average of 11lb in 4 months and nine out of ten reported weight loss after following the personalized dietary guidelines.

DNA Diet: How Does It Work?

DNA Diet Plan

According to experts, the DNA diet is different for everyone based on the unique genetic combinations. The main guidelines for DNA weight loss include the type of diet which will work best for you.

Low-carb diets may be recommended based on certain gene variations, while low-fat diets seem to work best for people with certain genes. For most people, the right diet for weight loss falls between the two and a recommended DNA nutrition plan can be created by specialized nutritionists.

DNA Diet Reviews

So far, the results for the DNA diet have been mixed. Even though there’s a lot of evidence that shows genes are linked to body weight, their impact may be smaller than what dieters expect.

Results may vary and for some people the recommendations of the DNA diet specialists may simply be completely different from their regular nutrition. Without a solid promise of results, DNA diet testing can lack in the motivation department.

DNA Diet: How Does It Work?

Where to buy a DNA Diet Test Kit?

Many companies now offer the DNA Diet Kit and most focus on just a few genes. Research has shown that around 200 genes have been documented as influencing weight, but most DNA Diet test kits focus on only a few.

Interleukin Genetics offers a test box that costs $169 and after swabbing your cheek and sending your DNA to the lab, you get diet and exercise recommendations in 2 weeks.

Another way to go is Newtopia: for a cost of up to $399, you get a consult with a physician that also features a behavioral survey along with the genetic testing.

If you’re looking for the cheapest DNA test kit, Carolyn’s The DNA Diet website also offers free DNA testing kits and plans for dieters willing to send in videos of their progress.

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