Foods for Great Abs

Foods for Great Abs

Diet can be just as important as exercise when it comes to great abs, so combining fat-fighting foods with foods that are great for your muscles is a great way to make sure your abs stand out. Start eating the right way and you’ll increase your chances of getting rid of belly flat and showing off a flat tummy.

Discover some of the best foods for great abs that act in different ways for the same purpose: getting your abs flat, toned, and ready to flaunt. If good looking abs are the missing ingredient for your bikini body, you can’t miss out on these foods!


One of the best protein sources for building muscle mass, eggs have the added benefit of keeping away hunger pangs, especially when they’re eaten for breakfast. Take complex carbs out of your breakfast and go with eggs for a meal that will keep your energy levels up and allow you to be active and exercise for your perfect abs.

Foods for Great Abs


Monounsaturated fats are nature’s weight loss secret, and avocado is definitely one of the best foods for great abs. Avoid trans fats and focus on avocado if you’re having trouble with belly fat. Even if you’re eating the same number of calories as before, the healthy fats found in avocado will promote a slimmer waistline. Make guacamole your dip of choice for those carrot and celery sticks!


Another great source of monounsaturated fats, almonds are an excellent snack, since they pack both fiber and protein, along with other important nutrients. Make sure you eat them with their skins, since you’ll get the added benefit of extra vitamin E and magnesium, a mineral that works in your favor both by keeping your blood sugar regulated and by helping maintain muscles.

Greek Yogurt

Nobody will notice your abs if you’re bloated, and that’s Greek yogurt comes in. It’s one of the best foods for great abs since it helps you digest better, by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Your yogurt doesn’t have to be Greek, but it must be plain and include live and active cultures. Add fresh fruit to it for a delicious snack.

Whole Grains

If you’re serious about abs, “white” becomes a dirty word in your diet vocabulary. Forget about white bread, pasta and rice, always go for whole grain versions of your favorite carb-rich foods. By preventing any spikes in your insulin level, whole grains not only help you store less fat, but they’re also a great food for fighting belly flat.

Foods for Great Abs


Rich in antioxidants, most berries are also rich in fiber, keeping hunger away for longer. Blueberries and blackberries are the best foods for great abs, but you can try any kind of berries. The antioxidants they contain increase blood flow to your muscles, helping you work out for longer, and get your abs in top shape.


Combining protein, fiber and antioxidants, soy has been proven to be an excellent weight loss aid. Avoid products with isolated soy protein and always go for whole soy if you’re looking for the healthiest and most beneficial way to use this food to keep fit. From tofu to soy milk and soy beans, there are plenty of way to introduce it into your diet.


You can never have enough omega-3 fatty acids if you’re looking best foods for great abs. Salmon is an excellent source of healthy fats, and eating fish also helps prevent cravings and improve the rate of your metabolism. Go for wild salmon if you can and you’ll get both the fat fighting benefit and an improved metabolism which helps you work out more efficiently.

Foods for Great Abs

Low-Fat Chocolate Milk

Build muscle with chocolate milk, a drink that’s excellent for helping your muscles when you’re doing intense workouts for your abs. Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to a glass of low-fat and you’ve got the perfect drink to replenish your energy.

Green Tea

One of the best foods for great abs is… a drink. Besides its high antioxidants content, green tea improves your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster, especially in areas where it’s harder to use exercise, like your belly. Help your body fight fat by sipping green tea instead of caffeinated drinks.

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