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Foods That Mess With Your Metabolism

Foods That Mess With Your Metabolism

Refined carbs are at the top of the list when it comes to the worst foods for your metabolism, but they’re not the only culprits that can be responsible for weight gain or troubles with losing a few pounds.

Foods rich in sugar are just as bad, so when you’re worried about weight loss, they might need to be reigned in. Discover a few of the foods that can slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain, along with other health issues, including an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Fatty Fried Foods

Saturated fat is the enemy when it comes to your metabolism. They can both slow down your digestion and raise your cholesterol levels, which cause a decrease in your metabolic rate. 

Fried foods have the highest content of saturated fats, and when your metabolism slows down, they’ll be deposited in fatty tissue, so don’t indulge of fried and fatty foods too much.


Back to refined carbs, bread is responsible for both slowing down the rate of calorie burning and for fat deposits in the abdominal area. With a very high glycemic index, bread causes an instant spike in your blood sugar levels, whether you’re eating white bread or whole grain bread, so it’s one of the worst foods for your metabolism. The next time you get complimentary bread sticks when eating out, just pretend they’re not there.

Foods That Mess With Your Metabolism


Many people have a light form of lactose intolerance, which causes digestive problems, but milk also causes increased insulin secretion. You might think that low fat milk is better for your metabolism, but the opposite is true. Low fat milk has even more carbs than the full fat variety, so it can actually slow down your fat burning rate even more.

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Just like grains, corn has a high glycemic index, which means your blood sugar levels go up and your metabolic rate goes down. While eating corn on the cob from time to time isn’t your biggest problem, a lot of corn snacks, like tortillas are also high in saturated fats and they’re a lot easier to eat in excess. Since corn is one of the worst foods for your metabolism, say goodbye to all varieties of corn chips.

Potato Chips

Just like corn chips, salty and fatty snacks made from potatoes slow down your metabolism and can be a major cause for weight gain. French fries come with saturated fats, but most chips also pack a lot of sugar and salt, and the artificial flavoring makes them as addictive as sweets. You can enjoy them from time to time if you can stick to a small bag, but get rid of them from your daily diet and avoid overeating them.

Breakfast Cereal

Even if you’re getting whole grain varieties, breakfast cereal still has a lot of sugar, making them one of the worst foods for your metabolism. High insulin levels at breakfast means starting the day with a sluggish metabolism. If you absolutely need carbs for breakfast, lose the cereal and go for oats or quinoa, which have a more balanced protein/carb ratio and won’t raise your blood sugar as much.

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Ice Cream

Made from dairy and a lot of sugar, ice cream is bad for your metabolism in more than one way. It sends your blood sugar levels soaring, especially if you binge on low fat ice cream.

Foods That Mess With Your Metabolism


With a low content in complex carbs, which take time to digest and get your metabolic rate up, pasta is definitely one of the worst foods for your metabolism. Whole grain pasta is better than white varieties, but you’ll be better off eating more complex carbs, like quinoa, buckwheat, millet and bulgur.


Breaking down into sugar as you digest it, alcohol can also dehydrate you, attacking your metabolic rate in more than one way. Without proper hydration, the fat burning process slows down. That doesn’t mean you can’t even have a glas of water per day, but avoid drinking too much without rehydrating with water.

Foods High in Pesticides and Xenoestrogens

Even if you think you’re eating a healthy diet, some of the worst foods for your metabolism also include high toxin and hormone levels. If you plan on losing weight, go organic, since pesticides and xenoestrogens found in many fruits and vegetables will affect the metabolic rate.

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