Gym Hygiene Tips

Gym Hygiene Tips

Many of us go to the gym in an attempt to get perfect figures and become healthier – however, we can also get sick at the gym as these can be virtual hotbed of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Follow some basic steps in order to stay healthy: Human hands are the perfect bacteria carriers – never touch you face only after washing your hands properly. Whether the cleaning service works or not, make sure you take care of your personal health. Door handles, pens, gym equipments can be all infested with bacteria.

It is recommended to cover as much as you can of your body, this way you’ll reduce the chance for any contact your skin with dirt. Wear long sleeved tops and pants rather than shorts and tank tops.

Gym Hygiene Tips

If you tend to use your towel for wiping the gym equipment, don’t use it on your skin. You’ll only transfer the dirt to your face or body. Change the towel throughout your gym session, don’t assume the risk of getting ill.

Always take your own exercise mat with you, specialists advise you to wash it well before using it. These absorb all the sweat your body eliminates and it can also serve as a host for dirt and bacteria.

During sauna make sure you sit on a towel, if you want to avoid certain skin diseases and infections. Showering after workout is a must, rinse off the sweat to become fresher and healthier.

Gym Hygiene Tips

If you have cuts or bruises keep them covered you don’t want to make them worse.

After showering wear your own flip-flops, don’t borrow anyone’s, dry your feet immediately. Walking with wet feet in the shower can spread infections and bacteria.

Specialists recommend liquid soaps rather than solid ones. Solid soap can carry many bacteria.

If you go to the gym 7 times a week, wash your hair regularly in order to eliminate grease and sweat from your scalp. It won’t have a harmful effect on your hair.

Finally don’t go to the gym if you are ill, it will only get worse.

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