Healthy Substitutes for Food Cravings

Healthy Substitutes for Food Cravings

Making a few substitutions for your snacks is the easiest way to keep your weight or even start losing some of it. If cravings are a big problem, try some of the most healthy substitutes for food cravings, based on both the nutritional value and the taste you’re looking for.

Substitutes for Food Cravings: Sugar

Sweets are the biggest threat when you’re trying to diet or simply eat better for a healthier body. Sugar cravings are based on the varying blood sugar levels, so regulating those fixes the problem with a few simple substitutes for food cravings.

When you want sugar, you actually need chromium and tryptophan, which help regulate blood sugar and fight insulin resistance. Try grapes and grape juices, whole grains, turkey or broccoli.

Substitutes for Food Cravings: Fats

When you’re craving fats, you can eat some unsalted nuts, but the best substitutes for food cravings are calcium rich foods. Eat milk, yogurt, cheese or salmon and kale to get your calcium fix and escape the craving.

Healthy Substitutes for Food Cravings

Substitutes for Food Cravings: Salt

High sodium levels can raise your blood pressure and lead to a lot of cardiovascular problems. When you’re looking for the salty taste, substitutes for food cravings should be chloride and potassium rich foods. Eat fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, kelp or rye to get these cravings out of the way.

Substitutes for Food Cravings: Carbs

When you feel like you need energy fast, forget about pastries and other carb-rich less healthy options. Eat whole grains crackers, Brussel sprouts, Garbanzo beans or a salad. Rich in fiber, these foods will give you energy for a longer time, without the ups and downs of white bread, rolls and pasta.

Substitutes for Food Cravings: Chocolate and Ice Cream

Chocolate cravings have 2 main causes: your body needs magnesium or… you simply want chocolate. Eat spinach, nuts, black beans and whole wheat products to fight the chocolate cravings if you want to stay away from it for good.

A second option is getting chocolate with much more cocoa. Dark chocolate over 70% and 80% can satisfy your cravings in smaller quantities and they also offer great benefits through the antioxidants found in cocoa.

When ice cream is the thing you want the most, there aren’t many substitutes for food cravings to help you deal with it, but there is a healthier option. Eat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit to get better nutrition and less sugar.

Healthy Substitutes for Food Cravings