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Hidden Sugar in Everyday Food

Hidden Sugar in Everyday Food

It’s a fact, most of the sugar we consume is not the one we add to our meals, being added into the foods before we get to buy them.

Hidden Sugar in Daily Products

You’re on a diet and you’re trying to eat and drink healthily so that you lose weight. Most of the ‘diet’ products seem very appealing to you but have you ever asked yourself about the hidden sugar in Diet Coke, for example? Well, we did some research and we found out that Diet Coke is sweetened with aspartame instead of sugar. However, for the caramel flavor, the company chemists have used a small amount of sugar.

Instead of these ‘diet’ beverages, we would suggest drinking natural juices, made out of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are healthier, will provide you with lots of energy and will make you eliminate toxins. Plus, you’ll get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins you need daily. What better way to feel and look great?

Hidden Sugar in Everyday Food

We would also recommend staying away from already prepared products such as peanut butter, canned vegetables, ketchup or the so-called ‘low fat’ products because they use great amounts of sugar. For instance, 1 tub of low fat yogurt can have up to 6 spoons of sugar because this is used to reduce the fat. It makes you think twice before buying it, doesn’t it?

Spotting Hidden Sugar on Food Labels

Moreover, we would suggest paying a lot of attention when reading the labels of the products you’re buying. Manufacturers have to list the ingredients of the products by weight, but you should pay attention because they can be very tricky. Why? Because they’re aware of the fact that people tend to read the labels in order to find out how much sugar has a certain product. And they mix in smaller amounts of different types of sugar. So neither sugar type will be the main ingredient sorted by weight.

You can easily spot the sugar into the fruit juice concentrate, lactose, fructose, corn syrup or honey. If you happen to spot many of these ingredients on the label of the food you’re planning to add in your shopping cart, you should think twice because the amount of sugar is higher than it should be.

Hidden Sugar in Everyday Food

For those of you that want to reduce the hidden sugar amount in your diet, we would recommend controlling portion sizes of your foods and limit the processed foods you’re normally eating. Instead, you should go for jams or syrups having a reduced quantity of sugar.

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