All You Need To Know About 20 Weeks Pregnant

One of the most beautiful gifts to a woman is Motherhood! Getting pregnant is certainly the most memorable phase of every woman’s life and is cherished life-long. However, pregnancy is not as seamless as it is told to be. Every woman goes through a different pregnancy period and has her own inhibitions about the future. Especially for new moms, getting to a 20-week pregnancy can be really exciting and scary at the same time, with the baby bump fully visible.Technically, it is entering into the second trimester of the pregnancy, where the baby development is quite rapid. In this article, we’ve tried to help expectant moms overcome their stress and worries by providing all the information they need to know about 20 weeks pregnant period.

20Th Week Of Pregnancy

Table of Content:

  1.  What Can A Twenty Week Pregnant Expect During This Phase?
  2.  Month and Trimester Indicating 20 Weeks Pregnancy:
  3.  20 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development:
  4.  20 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight and Size:
  5.  How Does 20 weeks pregnant belly look like?
  6.  Physical and Psychological Changes in 20 Week Pregnant Lady:
  7.  20 Weeks Pregnant Activities:
  8.  20 Week Pregnancy Diet and Exercises:
  9.  Medical Tests and Scan For 20 Weeks Pregnant:
  10.  What are the possible risks during 20 weeks pregnancy?
  11.  Checklist For 20 Week Pregnant Women:
  12.  Tips and Precautions To Take During 20th Week Of Pregnancy:

What Can A Twenty Weeks Pregnant Expect During This Phase?

Pregnancy for new mothers can be scary. It is a new world of adventure with precautions strict and firm. Daily doctors visit and a straight diet does not quite cut the line. However pregnancy once you get used to its cover is a very easy and comforting time with loved ones around trying to take care of you the best. These is your time where you are the carrier of a new life to this earth, someone you can call your own, someone whose life is in your hands as you try your best to give him a comfortable time while inside. Along with the mood swings comes this proud feeling of being the mother to a new born. You know he is a part of you when he starts nourishing himself from you and you instantly connect.

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Month and Trimester Indicating 20 Weeks Pregnancy:

20 week pregnancy indicates that you are a pregnant of 5 months. This technically falls into the second trimester, where the baby’s growth begins at a rapid stage. You will observe a number of changes in your own body and can even feel the baby developing inside you.

20 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development:

However, the long nine months during calculation are done on a weekly basis to keep the frequent monitoring method easy. Weekly development of the baby inside you this way can be monitored and if any abnormality is caused, it can be fixed immediately. The total of 40 weeks sums of 9 whole months with these weeks each grouped into three parts. The first trimester contains the baby but still in an unshaped form. He is just an egg that got fertilized and now is making his way to the ovary. This blastocyst then forms an embryo and eventually a fetus. Throughout the weeks the second and third trimester occurs and each week the baby develops a little more than before. One can even experience 20 weeks pregnant baby movement inside along with other developments.

1). Skin:

As her white greasy vernix covers him, his skin now starts transforming adjusting itself for the outer world. Inside amongst the moisture and amniotic fluid the baby’s skin is now covered in lanugo’s which are soft baby hairs and the vernix which acts a veil from crumpling or wrinkling his skin in the fluid. His toe and finger nails have grown and so is his hair on his scalp which is prominent by week 20.

2). Senses:

By the 20th week his senses are clearly defined as the neurons and myelin in his body now has established the perfect interconnection of nerves. His senses are clearing up. He can now sense his mother’s voice clearly. He is aware of her surroundings. It can now sense and smell and has the gift of sight. His eyes start becoming sensitive to light and his taste buds open up. His heart beat is now so loud that a simple stethoscope to the mother’s baby bump can determine his heartbeat.20th week of pregnancy baby position changes can also be noticed.

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3). Swallowing:

At this stage, your baby is swallowing a lot of that amniotic fluid, this helps prepare your little one for the time outside of the mother’s womb and help to digestive system practice functioning. During this week of pregnancy, the baby is swallowing extra this week as well as living in the amniotic fluid for the functions of the baby. Baby takes almost 300 ml per day. Of course, it shouldn’t be hard for you to guess that your baby needs warmth all this time. Which is why, there is a difference in temperature and your body fluids keep your little one warm.

4). Meconium:

At this stage, the 20th week has your little one excreting dark sticky substance, usually green, known as Meconium. It includes everything that your little one had when she was inside you. This can be considered to be her very first excreta. It is usually comprised of Lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, water and bile. The good thing for you though, is that it is odor less.

5). Gender Matter:

The highlight of week 20 is the gender determination which is totally your wish. A lot many people waits for the end for the biggest bit but if you want this week might be the lucky week for you to finally settle on a name. The ultrasound reveals the gender which is by now prominent and clear. If you have a baby girl nestling inside then chances are that she has probably already developed her ovaries with primitive little eggs inside of it. The egg count is six to seven million at around this time which significantly reduces to the normalcy level, that is, two millions later. If you have a baby boy in their scrotum is already in progress as his testicles are half way down his abdomen making their way to the scrotum.

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20 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight and Size:

With pregnancy counted up to 40 weeks, 20 weeks marks the mid of your pregnancy as therefore your baby is half way there to perfection already. Baby growth in 20 week of pregnancy can be noticed with your bulge growing he grows a little bit more measuring somewhat around 26 cm long and weighing 11 ounces. These are however approx measures but your baby is quickly gaining body mass and baby fat too making your baby bump a bit heavier now.

How Does 20 weeks pregnant belly look like?

During this period, you can observe a visible bump protruding out and develop a feeling of heaviness. Your walking will also be affected due this sudden change in your physical posture of the body. The size of the bump varies from woman to woman based on the constitution of their bodies.

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Physical and Psychological Changes in 20 Week Pregnant Lady:

A). Abdomen Pain:

With your baby gaining more weight, the baby bump now feels a bit heavier than last week. This causes the muscles in the ovary and the stomach muscles to expand which it not really is accustomed to. This is why while you sit and try to get up or shift in your sleep you feel a slight tingling pain. Do not fret since it is just the muscles getting used to the pressure and expansion. If you can wear tight-fitting cloths through the abdominal area, it will also cause the abdomen pain, so during your maternity shopping; you can purchase loose and free cloths for your abdominal area. During these weeks you should careful and more conscious about your posture and your position with the cloths then only you will enjoy your motherhood.

B). Exhaustion:

This might be a common signal by the time you hit the mid mark. This is the point, the week when the baby starts growing fully and nourishing itself by drawing in more from the mother. Her red blood cells and her food, her energy cells and her nutrients, eventually draining the mother. This is why a good diet is necessary for the baby and the mother at around this time. During these days, you should make your heart and mind as much as happier, the great way to overcome this kind of problems, you should take care of your general health and gathering the informational tips from your family members who have been in this situation before you. Whenever you have the time, you should keep your mind relax. You must take a bed rest for an hour after the work.

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C). Secondary Problems:

Often certain secondary problems like heat burns, leg cramps, hot flashes, spotty face and indigestion might accompany.Throughout this stage, there might be some vaginal discharge but most of the time; it should be normal thing for all women have. This discharge is another hormonal change in your body. This is due to put a lot of pressure on your well being and hygiene.

There is no definite way to overcome this problem; it will increase the infection level on your body. You must maintain the hygienic in your vaginal areas and always keep a towel around your vaginal area, and clean by washing off any discharge as often as possible. Wipe dry the area and avoid the bacterial problems. At this point there is also a swelling in your pelvic region. The best way is to reduce this pain and the discharge, you taking more water for your body. During this time, you can wear free cloths and inner wears to the affected area and give them to relax.

D). Deep Veined Thrombosis:

Two things to note here: The name isn’t as strange as it sounds. Every other mother has a swollen leg followed by immense pain and rash throughout their pregnancy, This is usually because of the blood clotting the veins. This means, you are at a risk of blood clot during pregnancy. It sounds strange, but do not take any risks at this stage, now that you are up so far. Often times it might so happen that the leg vessels are cut off entirely from the blood supply. This can be fatal for the baby. To improve the situation, try to take heed into consideration the situation. And contact your doctor and clear your doubts for a better safety and to prevent useless hassles.

E). Breathlessness:

When your belly grows, it keeps pressuring your internal organs and you may have problems in breathing. Breathlessness is common during pregnancy it increase the hormone progesterone source you to breathe in more deeply, making you feel as even if you have to work harder to get more air. As you development in your pregnancy and your uterus takes more space. It creates a struggle and pressure on your diaphragm. Breathing through a mouth isn’t a smart option during this time; the best way is using the tissues everywhere with you, so that you can wipe off your nose. Don’t carry a handkerchief, because those are contain plenty of bacteria, will make you in more serious condition. Maintaining a good and free posture whether sitting and standing, doing some gentle exercise such as walking and swimming can help to increase the cardiovascular functions.

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20 Weeks Pregnant Activities:

This week will be more about planning your baby and motherhood for the next few weeks to come. The most recent development might keep you wedged in the toilet forever but you will do great! You are finally grown with the mother responsibility. You may put more effort for your baby’s health. And now that you are halfway through, you see how great you are doing too. Your activities will be the usual check up, sleep and eating healthy.

20 Weeks Pregnancy Diet and Exercises:


1). Omega 3 Fatty Acid:

You need this fatty acid to keep your body from functioning healthy and keeping up with your baby’s visual growth. A few good food for the same are peanut butter, dry fruits, lentils and eggs.

2). Folic Acid:

One of the most important nutrients to include in your diet is Folic acid. Folic acid helps reduce the birth defects for your child. Iron supplements don’t suffice for the same and vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, lentils will come to your rescue.

3). Meats:

Most meats are safe to be consumed during pregnancy, although white lean meat should be indulged in more. Do make sure seafood route isn’t taken in the process.

4). Vitamins:

Vitamin is the essential nutrient for six months pregnancy. It helps to reducing the vomiting and nausea sensing. Instead of intake the medication, you should take a healthy veggies and grains, peanut butters, nuts and salmon, etc.

5). Iron:

Iron is one of the essential nutrients for your body. During this time, you must take the iron filled contents and foods. Add oranges and fresh veggies in to your daily food. You can add eggs, beans and more potatoes in your diet, these food are stuff rich in iron.

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a). Walking:

The benefits of walking during pregnancy will helps to maintain your good health. Walking keeps you healthy and makes you as active. Every day you must have a walking during pregnancy. Most of the doctors also suggest that.

b). Belly Expansion:

For this exercise, sit and cross your legs. For this exercise, sit and cross your legs. Inhale and exhale your breathing and do the exercise for regular basis, this will helps you to keep you healthy.

c). Patterned Breathing:

The breathing exercise will provide more pure oxygen to the baby and mom. If the muscles are well- oxygenated, they can function you and your baby, more effectively.

d). Yoga:

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape of your body. You can do the yoga in regular basis; it will help you to live long life and will make your baby healthier. During this period, you should try some simple yoga poses.

e). Full Butterfly:

Start by folding your knees, so the soles of your feet touch each other bring your leg heels near and closer to the body then leave the thigh muscles relax. Place your hands on the knee joints and give some smooth pressure on your joints.

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Medical Tests and Scan For 20 Weeks Pregnant:

A 20 week pregnant ultrasound and blood screening tests determine the health of the fetus. Other symptoms may come and go. While medicines aren’t exactly your safest bet since they may interact, a few medicines to keep by your bedside are:

  • Aches and pains- Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratadine. Avoid Pseudoephedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  • Constipation- Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  • Heartburn- Antacids and Famotidine.

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What are The Possible Risks During 20 Weeks Pregnancy?

The second trimester is generally the safe and most comfortable periods of pregnancy. However, there are many chances one could face serious complications like:

  • Bleeding- indicates a miscarriage caused by many factors like a weak cervix, auto immune diseases or placental abruption.
  • Pre-term labor – Women who are pregnant with twins or more babies, and those who has previous miscarriages can get into pre-term labor during this phase.

Other commonly experienced 20 weeks pregnant symptoms include:

  • Pressure in the vaginal area
  • Lower-back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Excessive vaginal discharge

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Checklist For 20 Week Pregnant Women:

Follow this checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on any detail:

  • Prepare a calendar with the dates of your medical appointments marked.
  • Be sure to write down the list of your daily medicines.
  • You can even create a diet chart to ensure you are taking in the required nutrition.
  • Enroll yourself in a Yoga class to strengthen your muscles and prepare you well for the delivery.
  • Make sure you list down all your screening tests and set reminders.
  • Keep a moisturizer near the bed to hydrate the belly area and avoid stretch marks.
  • Start planning your finances to avoid last minute rush.

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Tips and Precautions To Take During 20th Week Of Pregnancy:

Check out these tips for a 20 weeks pregnancy care:

  • Eat well and indulge in healthy, nutritious foods.
  • Take more rest and focus on your body.
  • Be sure to walk around and get some exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eat in small intervals to avoid acid refluxes.
  • Supplements need to be taken regularly to avoid deficiencies in the babies.
  • Mood swings are going to bother you to no end now that it is the 20th week. Just make sure to have someone around every time anxiety calls.
  • Listen to music or perform meditation to overcome stress.

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20 weeks of pregnancy marks the end of all the struggles you faced in the first few months. Nausea, restlessness and lack of appetite make many women nervous about pregnancies and create acute stress in them. After entering into the second trimester, the woman starts feeling more relaxed and comfortable with the body slowly adjusting to the changes. One can feel the baby moving inside, which can be quite exciting to the mother. We hope we’ve covered the crucial 20 weeks pregnant information to help you. Have a safe motherhood!

Expert Question and Answers:

1). Is it Safe to Have Sex During 20th Week Of Pregnancy?

Regardless of what others tell you, do not let the insecurity about the safety of your child cloud your judgement. Your little one is just fine and healthy. You can welcome the little intimacy in your life, particularly since the mood swings and bad health is bringing you down. You could do with a little uplift in the scene.

2). Can I Travel During 20 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Travelling during 20 weeks of pregnancy is generally considered to be safe if you plan it well. Always consult a doctor before the travel. Women with high risk pregnancies are advised against travelling to avoid miscarriages. It is also advised to get all the required screening tests to rule our any complications. Be sure to carry a copy of your medical records in case of emergencies during the travel.

3). When Should I Consult a Doctor During 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

Apart from the scheduled visits to your doctor, you must rush to the hospital immediately if you notice- bleeding, severe lower abdominal cramps, uterine contractions, excessive vaginal discharge or no movements in the baby for a long period. It is better to be safe than sorry in this case.