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How Often Should Women Work Out

How Often Should Women Work Out

Getting started on a new, more active lifestyle, can be tricky if you don’t know how often  women should work out. Find out more about getting in shape and the right work out routines for losing weight, seeing real results in your muscle tone and getting the killer abs you want.

If you’re starting from scratch with a sedentary lifestyle, you should go easy: 20 minutes of exercise, three times each week. There are no set rules on how to use the 20 minutes, so you can even break them up in four 5 minute sessions throughout the day. This is the best way of warming up your body if you’re completely out of shape, but you’ll need to do a lot more to enjoy results that affect more than just your overall health.

How Often Should Women Work Out to See Results

Adults should get a minimum of two hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise each week, but that’s only for keeping in shape. If you want to see results, you’ll have to do a lot more.

How Often Should Women Work Out

Men start gaining muscle mass faster after they start exercise, but since you have lower testosterone levels, you might need a little patience. How often should women work out? If you start working out at the gym three times a week or doing outdoors intense exercise like biking, expect about 1 pound of new muscle every month.

If you want to increase that, you should work out for up to 4 days a week, always leaving a day off between intense sessions, so your muscles can rest. Pushing for results daily may actually get you to lose muscle mass if you’re not eating enough calories.

How Often Should Women Work Out to Lose Weight

With 300 calories burned in one work out session, you’ll need 12 workouts to burn 3,500 calories, enough to lose a pound. You can get faster results by also cutting your calorie intake.

For good results, you should try to work out moderately for at least 200 minutes minutes a week. You can spread that out over each day or simply go to the gym three times a week and jog, bike or swim for a half an hour in one of your off days.

Remember, 200 minutes is a target for active people. If you’re out of practice, it’s not a matter of how often  you should work out, but for how long in a week: 50-60 minutes to start out without any muscle soreness.

How Often Should Women Work Out

How Often Should Women Work Out for Killer Abs

According to most experts, daily abs exercises haven’t proven themselves to be more efficient than 3 training sessions every week.

When it comes to abs, it’s less of a question of how often  you should work out and more about how you should work out. Always start with your abs, don’t leave them for the final minutes of your workout session. Also make sure you work your core muscles and your butt too if you want a flat abdomen and nice curves.

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