Orly Shade Shifter Gel FX Color Changing Coat

Orly Shade Shifter Gel FX Color Changing Coat

The new Orly Shade Shifter Gel FXcoat definitely got our attention as the quality-oriented nail care brand chose to spice things up a bit for this spring. How? Well, the new formula features ingredients that react to temperature variations going light or dark. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your mani this is definitely an option to consider as besides the long lasting effects delivered by gel nail polishes (up to 3 weeks) your digits will be colored differently every time the temperature raises or drops.

Now, you have to keep in mind that gel nail lacquers have to be cured in a UV lamp, meaning you’ll have to turn to a professional (or you can purchase your own lamp and follow the exact indications of use), but fear not as gel nail polish is less expensive compared to acrylic/gel nails and the best part: the color is easily removed without the need of an electric nail file which thins out the nail.

Due to the fact that this is a color changing product, the effects depend on the application process. You’ll be able to create a uniform color or a gradient effect, just apply it over your favorite Gel FX shade and your digits will surely become so much more interesting.

Orly Shade Shifter Gel FX Color Changing Coat

Here are the steps to a cool gel nail polish manicure featuring Orly’s Shade Shifter Gel FX:

Prepare the nail for the ultimate nail color by applying the GEL FX Tip Primer on the entire nail or just on the tips for a gradient nail color effect

After it has dried coat your nail with the Gel FX Basecoat and let the product cure in the UV lamp for 30 seconds

Next apply a coat of your fave Gel FX shade and there are 44 fab colors to choose from six of which are brand new and cure for another 30 seconds

Apply another coat of colored gel polish to intensify the pigmentation of your nails and cure for another 30 seconds

Now, it’s time for the magic maker, the Shade Shifter Gel FX which you’ll apply over your gel nail color before curing it for 30 seconds

Repeat the last step

To set the products use the Gel FX Top Caot and cure in the UV lamp for another 30 seconds before you’ll wipe off the stickiness with the Gel FX Lint-free Wipe and Cleanser

Your nails will look amazing and will reveal the gel nail color of your choice when you’re hot and a dark color when you’re cold, so if you’re looking for a cool manicure that goes from dark to bright with with snap of a finger, be sure to give Orly’s new Shade Shifter coat a try!

Orly Shade Shifter Gel FX Color Changing Coat

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