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How to Avoid Summer Vacation Weight Gain

How to Avoid Summer Vacation Weight Gain

Summer vacation doesn’t look like a mirage anymore as the countdown to your vacay has started, but keep in mind that vacation weight gain can ruin your happy plans. Obviously everyone wants a jaw dropping bikini body by summer, but your most awaited summer vacation can be your silhouette’s worst enemy if you don’t take the necessary weight gain prevention measures. Lounging in the sun doing nothing and savoring tasty drinks and recipes will make you pack on those dreaded extra pounds before you know it, so here’s how to keep your body fit and still enjoy yourself while vacationing.

Be active as often as you can

You lovelies can maintain fit during your summer vacation by getting active. Physical activity, even a moderate one, helps release endorphins which lead to making you feel oh-so-good. Plus being active ensures you burn calories so that you don’t gain weight and maintain your figure. Burn calories the fun way by either dancing to your fave tunes, going for long walks with your friends or going out shopping as trying on clothes and walking through stores can too help you stay fit.

How to Avoid Summer Vacation Weight Gain

Be moderate in all-inclusive trips

All inclusive vacations are uber-popular but during a one week stay one can definitely stack up quite a few pounds if not careful. The immense food and drink variety most hotels offer can tempt you to overindulge, so try to avoid tasting a bit of everything. Pick healthy meals and have natural drinks made out of freshly squeezed fruits as often as you can. Calorie counting, when possible, can also help you keep your weight on track, so use various calorie counting apps to estimate the caloric content of your meals.

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Swim if possible

Most hotels have indoor or outdoor pools, so be sure to take a dive on a daily basis. A few laps in a swimming pool can help you tone your physique and burn calories, plus if you love water you’re gonna have a good time during your workout session. If swimming is not an option ask for saunas as they too are great especially for body detoxing.

How to Avoid Summer Vacation Weight Gain

Stay away from carbs

Carbs can be your worst enemy especially if you’re not too active. Try to stay away from high carb meals and torn towards foods that are high in fibers and nutrients. They won’t only make you feel good and more energized but they generally have a lower caloric content, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

Share your dessert

If you’re planning to satisfy your sweet tooth and your dessert of choice is a bit generous portion-wise, it’s advised to share it with a friend or just eat half of it if you’ve got no one to share it with. This way you’ll satisfy your craving for sweets but you won’t ‘benefit’ from the complete caloric content. Also, you can orientate towards healthy desserts such a fruit salads as they too can be delicious but not as menacing for your silhouette.

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Water Up

Stay hydrated all day long and be sure to bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go so that you’re not tempted to grab a soda when you feel thirsty. Drinking water isn’t only good for you but it will also make you feel fuller for longer, and less food means less chances to gain weight during your summer vacation.

How to Avoid Summer Vacation Weight Gain

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