How to Cut Calories without Starving

How to Cut Calories without Starving

How to Cut Calories without Starving

If you want to either maintain your current weight or to shed some pounds, you may need to start considering cutting calories from your diet.

But before giving up on any lifestyle changes, thinking that cutting calories from your diet is a daunting task, you should know that shaving off some calories daily is not as difficult as it might sound! Learn how to cut calories without starving and also without much effort!

Eat Smaller Portions

An easy way to start cutting calories from your diet is to go for smaller portions. Besides the fact that you might want to follow the ‘80% full’ rule when eating, it won’t hurt starting to adjust the size of your meals.

A healthy, low-calorie breakfast may consist of a pancake (instead of three), a black coffee (no sugar, no whipped cream added) and a piece of fruit. Rely upon fruits and veggies as much as you can when willing to cut calories from your diet. Most of them are low-calorie options, filled with a copious amount of nutrients, such as fibers, that help you stay healthy and lose weight at the same time.

How to Cut Calories without Starving

Snack Healthily

Snacks between meals are usually problematic. If you want to cut some important calories from your daily diet, you should pay attention to what you snack on, as calories from these treats can quickly add up.

One of the best ways to make sure you snack healthily and go for low-calorie foods is to stock up on popcorn, fruits, berries, veggies and nuts. Just don’t go over board: a fistful of any of those should be enough to satisfy your munching needs between your main meals.


Who said that the only way to cut calories from your diet is by means of food reduction? Exercise is a fantastic way to shave off some calories from your daily menu! For instance, a 30-40 minute brisk walk per day may help you get rid of around 250 calories.

Introduce regular exercise to your weekly routine – be it jogging, fitness, brisk walking, biking, roller skating – and the burden of cutting calories won’t be that heavy anymore.

How to Cut Calories without Starving

Drink Water instead of Sweetened Beverages

But what about hydration? If you usually go for sweetened beverages, it’s time to let go of them (at least, progressively). Instead, drink plenty of water which, as you probably know, has zero calories. What is more, you should know that thirst may make you feel hungry when, in fact, you only need to hydrate more.

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