The Ideal Protein Diet

The Ideal Protein Diet

The Ideal Protein Diet is a commercial diet developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh in the 1990s. It was mainly designed for athletes as a means of preserving lean body mass, including muscles, bones and other tissues, while losing fat. Also working on obesity-related issues, Dr. Chanh soon discovered that the Ideal Protein Diet helped obese patients achieve quick, healthy, long-lasting weight loss. His company, Ideal Protein, is now an international company, and clinics can be found across North America and Europe.

Ideal Protein Products

The Ideal Protein diet uses medically designed and manufactured soy and whey protein products in combination with select vegetables and animal proteins. Carbohydrate consumption is restricted, so grains, dairy products, fruits, and sugars are temporarily removed from the diet. Products included in the Ideal Protein Diet plan are: shakes, protein bars, soups, cereal, omelet, pancakes, stew, chili, spaghetti, puddings, soy puffs, soy chips, soy nuts, salad dressings, condiments, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

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The Ideal Protein Diet

The Ideal Protein Diet Protocol

According to its creator, the Ideal Protein Diet uses the principles of ketosis, along with regulating insulin and glucagon levels in order to limit carbohydrate and sugar intake, supplementing with important electrolytes and vitamins and teaching the body to live off its stored fat.

Phases of the Ideal Protein Diet

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein diet. Phase 1 is followed until 80 percent of your goal weight loss is achieved. In phase 1, three Ideal Protein food products are consumed per day, along with four cups of select vegetables, unlimited lettuce, and 5-7 oz. of lean animal protein. Phase 1 lasts from two to six weeks.

In Phase 2, the lunch or dinner protein packet is replaced with 150-200 g of white meat or fish until full weight loss goal is met. Some lean-dairy is also allowed in the second phase. Calories, fat and carbohydrates are still fairly low. Phase 2 of the Ideal Protein Diet lasts from one to two weeks.

Phase 3 gradually adds grains to breakfast, plus a dairy product once every two days. In phase 3, healthy carbohydrates are reintroduced. This phase of The Ideal Protein Diet lasts about two weeks.

Phase 4 is the maintenance of your ideal weight by making healthy food and lifestyle choices. In this phase, assume the Ideal Protein Diet as your “every day” diet.

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The Ideal Protein Diet

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