How to Gain Weight Fast: Healthiest Weight Gain

How to Gain Weight Fast: Healthiest Weight Gain

Gaining weight in a healthy way is easy if you pay attention to both calories and nutrients. Whether you want to build muscle or simply fight your skinny genes, find out how to gain weight fast without any risks for your health.

How to Gain Weight Naturally

Increasing the daily number of meals is the first step in gaining weight naturally. Make sure you avoid diet sodas and drink less coffee and tea, drinks which can make you feel full without many calories.

Each meal should contain protein, fat, starch and vegetables and you don’t have to have 5-6 big ones. If you’re more comfortable with just 3 meals a day, simply add a few snacks.

If your appetite is less than ideal, the best thing to do is keep moving. A walk or a few minutes of light exercise can get your hunger started and eating fruit can often help in triggering your appetite.

How to Gain Weight Fast: Healthiest Weight Gain

How to Gain Weight Fast

Healthy fats are a very important ingredient in a diet designed to help you gain weight. If you have high cholesterol levels, you can eat more nuts, seeds and natural oils like olive oil with salads and cheese.

People with a normal LDL “bad” cholesterol level can also eat more fatty red meat and full-fat dairy anytime to gain weight fast. High-calorie condiments like mayonnaise and salad dressings also help.

Granola, nuts and dried fruits can be added to any meal and protein bars can serve as snacks which contribute to a healthy diet designed to help you gain weight naturally. Don’t give in to junk food and deep fried foods, eating stir-fried foods cooked in healthy oils can have the same effect on your weight gain without the side-effects.

Carbs in bread and rolls can also help you gain weight, but you should mostly stick to bread and pasta made with whole grains and add full-fat Greek yogurt to them for a healthy protein-packed snack.

High-calorie juices can be added to your diet and that doesn’t mean sodas. Look for fruit juices with a naturally high sugar content.

Healthy Weight Gain and Exercise

Building muscular mass is a very important step in gaining weight fast. Make sure you eat plenty of protein, but don’t gorge on fatty red meat. Start your breakfast with eggs and eat full-fat dairy products throughout the day.

Make sure you keep your diet healthy when you want to gain weight fast and avoid junk food and drinks that are full of calories, both of which can lower your energy levels.

How to Gain Weight Fast: Healthiest Weight Gain

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