How to Get the Body You Want

How to Get the Body You Want

Modify and Sculpt Your BodyWe all want to lose some weight, get more sculpted, get a flaunt-worthy physique: like smaller thighs, flat stomach and that firm and tempting tush. These are not that hard to achieve if you know what type of workout plan you need to get the body you want.

Gait and Posture

Did you knew that working out in the gym, besides making you stay fit it also improves your posture? As a matter of fact, when you stand up straight, your abdominal and back muscles are contracting and you also will appear a few inches taller.

How to Get the Body You Want

Sculpted Arms

If you want to tone those arms up, you need to lose the fat that’s on your arm that make them look flabby. Thirty minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least three times a week can do. With your knees slightly bent, tummy tucked, back straight, and elbows kept close to your sides, raise and weights at a moderate pace. Remember to progress slowly, because you don’t want to stress your joints or injure your muscles.


According to a recent study, 8 weeks of regular yoga can get you 35% more supple and flexible. If you do some aerobics or stretching you can get the same results.

Supple Thighs

Jump rope just like when you were a kid. Begin with just 5 minutes a day. This may sound little, but it’s the equivalent of 15 minutes of running or spinning. Also, you can lie flat on your back and raise your legs. Perform a cycling motion. Do this for as long as you can. Increase your time by 10 sec or by 50 cycles.

Firm and Round Butt

Stand with your feet together. Keep your chest out and your midsection firmly. Place your hands on your hips or by your sides. Step forward with a large step. Bend both your knees. Your front shin should remain in a straight line with your ankle. Your back knee should be nearly touching the floor. As you are pushing up, and at the top of your lunge movement, lunge forward with the other leg repeating the same movement.

How to Get the Body You Want

Flat Stomach

The best training for a toned, supple and perfectly flat stomach are yoga and pilates. These are the most efficient fitness techniques for toning the abdominal and back muscles and also improve posture. You can see how much you can modify your body, but there are things that you cannot change with exercise.

Knees – Instead of considering plastic surgery, you can still improve the aspect of body by defining musculature.

Breast Size – Some exercises or special cream can increase bra size but don’t expect miraculous results without surgery.

Lips – Sum up to some lip plumpers or a sensual smile. The results of collagen injections can also be disastrous.

Wide Hips – If you inherited your wide hips and voluptuous curves from your mom, find out that no matter how skinny you’ll be, the bones of your hips will remain the same.