How to Lose Facial Fat Without Surgery

How to Lose Facial Fat Without Surgery

Ever wondered how is that possible that you gain extra pounds on your face and not your belly or your thighs. Unfortunately you must look in the mirror everyday and you can’t hide it with a belt or a loose blouse.

We can wait years until our face gradually becomes thinner with age, but why not do something about it. There are several methods that can help you lose facial fat, before you would actually go under the knife.

Reduce the amount of salt and alcohol you consume. It will make your organism retain water, it is well-known that our face is prone to water-retention. Including this into your diet will be magical for your fat tissues and skin.

Alcohol will dehydrate your body, wine, beer or liquor can spoil your diet.

Drink a lot of water, ideally you should drink at least 8 cups per day.

How to Lose Facial Fat Without Surgery

Often a puffy face is the result of water deprivation, treat your face with H2O in order to give back its flexibility. Usually beverages have a lot of calories, even flavored waters are rich in additional sugar. If you got bored of pure water, drink it with lime or lemon, it will surely eliminate the toxins from your body.

Carbohydrates as well as sugar can be harmful for your body, avoid processed food.

Eat healthy include vegetables and fruits in your routine diet. Reduce the amount of fat intake and add more fiber – it will keep you healthy and energetic.

Facial exercises can help you lose some facial fat. These will work on your facial muscles, smile is one of the best methods, either with open or closed mouth. Natural smiling will move your cheek muscles, practice in front of a mirror, you can also do the “fish face” trick. Hold it for 7-8 second, then relax. Repeat it about 5-6 times.

Another useful method is to close your mouth, puff your left cheek hold it for 10 seconds, then the right one, repeat it 6 times with both sides.

Finally endorphins can do miracles for your face, an important hormone that has the role of making you relax.

Scientists demonstrated that a quiet and balanced lifestyle can make people look several years younger.

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