How to Lose Weight Through Swimming

Weight loss is the need of the hour as obesity is spreading worldwide like an epidemic. Among rigorous exercises, diet plans, supplements, aerobic exercises, swimming emerges as one of the best ways to loose weight. It helps in toning the body and gaining muscle mass in appropriate places. Both men and women who desire to get rid of the excess baggage effortlessly can opt for this cardiovascular exercise. People with physical limitations can also choose swimming to shed the kilos as it is highly effective.

Role of Swimming in Weight Loss:

Swimming is an ideal form of exercise for those who wish to lose weight without causing any physical strain. It is also beneficial who find other forms of exercise painful and strenuous. This exercise essentially requires water as the medium. Water is the medium and acts as a cushion to the bones and muscles which can get injured during other forms of exercises. Buoyancy of the water helps in making an obese body feel very light. This has a low impact on the body and gives optimum results. Swimming is the best form of cardiovascular exercise to burn out the excessive calories that is the main culprit of weight gain. It is also develops lean muscles mass which is known to get rid of excess calories even when it is at rest.

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Swimming Strokes That are Effective for Weight Loss:

Swimming involves several movements of the body which can be termed as strokes. Different strokes serve different purpose. Ideally the best stroke for weight loss is that which is performed efficiently however some of them are breaststroke, free style, butterfly and back stroke.


This technique is a perfect calorie burner however it is the slowest stroke when compared to the other strokes. It requires the body to propel forward with power instead of cutting through the water.

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swimming for weight loss

It is the fastest stroke amongst all strokes and result oriented. It involves the movement of upper body where in one cuts through the water instead of pushing against it.

Butterfly Stroke:

This stroke is relatively difficult to perform and requires a lot of flexibility. However it is as effective as the other strokes for burning calories.

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Back Stroke:

Another stroke for weight loss is the back stroke. It helps in removing the excess fat from the abdomen and shoulder region. This stroke can be performed for a longer period and thus it helps in getting rid of the calories.

The correct technique for swimming and its effect on calories:

As a novice one should begin slowly for about 20 minutes session for three days. The duration should be increased gradually so as to get the body adjusted without any over-exertion. One should be careful to not get carried away and waste the time playing in the water instead of swimming diligently. A combination of the strokes should be pre-set and performed accordingly so as to loose maximum calories. One should also ensure an hour of rigorous swimming regularly to loose the weight, as a few days of swimming workout will not give the desired results. A genuine session of one hour of general swimming can make an average built person loose up to 445 calories a day. One should also give a lot of importance to the correct posture while performing the strokes as incorrect posture can result in injuries and will not be as effective in weight loss.

Apart from losing weight swimming is a source of recreation also. It is also beneficial in keeping the body well-toned and fit. When this exercise is incorporated with a healthy diet in a weight loss regime it gives amazing results. However one should ensure vigorous swimming for a prolonged period on a daily basis as well.