Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss: Learn How She Did It!

Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss: Learn How She Did It!

You may know racy female comedian Lisa Lampanelli from “Comedy Central Roasts” or from “The Celebrity Apprentice 5”. What you also probably know is that Lisa Lampanelli was overweight for years, trying desperately to shed the unwanted pounds without much success.

Recently, Lisa Lampanelli took everyone by surprise showing off her new slim figure that she managed to shape in the course of a year. If you’re dealing with similar problems and whant to lose some serious weight, here are the secrets of Lisa Lampanelli’s weight loss!

Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss Surgery

In April 2020, Lisa Lampanelli underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in order to be able to lose weight. This type of weight loss surgery involves changing the patient’s stomach so that it gets a tube-like shape (and the size of a banana, roughly), resulting in a lower intake and absorption of calories.

Before her gastric sleeve surgery, Lisa Lampanelli weighted 248 pounds that she struggled to shed most of her life. “For 32 years – from 18 to 50 – I tried everything on the planet, and once I had a clean slate with that I said, ‘You know what? Nothing’s working for me. I’m going to get this surgery and use it as a tool.’ That’s all it is, a tool to help me get over it,” said Lisa Lampanelli.

A year later, Lisa Lampanelli is proud to say that she was able to shed 106 pounds, thanks to the gastric sleeve surgery, but also to a strict exercise and food regimen.

Although she didn’t set a weight loss goal, Lisa Lampanelli admits she’s happy with her current healthy weight of 142 pounds. “I feel like I’ve reached the weight I’m supposed to be. I’m officially a skinny bitch!” she said.

Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss: Learn How She Did It!

Lisa Lampanelli also stated that the gastric sleeve surgery isn’t a miracle procedure, and that she is a “work in progress”. She added that, in order to be able to keep her slimmed down frame, she needs to identify her eating compulsions.

“I have to figure out my addiction issue and how I even got overweight in the first place,” said Lisa Lampanelli.

But despite being always in control when it comes to what she eats, the size of her meals and how much exercise she performs, Lisa Lampanelli doesn’t forget to enjoy her new figure. She loves to pamper herself by going clothes shopping!

“One of the best parts of losing weight has been the clothing! I roll up to Macy’s and go to the sales rack and see how much I can get for as little amount of money! It’s almost like a game for me!” said the outspoken comedienne.

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