Lose Weight on a Budget: Cheapest Diet Foods

Lose Weight on a Budget: Cheapest Diet Foods

Healthy nutritious foods that can help you lose weight don’t always come with high price tags. Find out the best ways to lose weight on a budget and let the cheapest diet foods find a place on your grocery list.

Lose Weight Cheap: Oats

Get a healthy breakfast with whole-grain that’s easy to prepare. Buy dry oats in bulk and you’ll not only save money, but also avoid the sweetened varieties. Add fruit to your oatmeal breakfast and you’ll start the day the right way, with plenty of filling fiber and protein.

Cheapest Diet Foods: Frozen Vegetables

Buying fresh vegetables in season is always a good idea when dieting, but choosing frozen vegetable blends is cheaper and can be just as nutritious. You can use them to make soups, casseroles and side dishes for a cheap diet that gets you to lose weight the natural way.

Lose Weight on a Budget: Fresh Fruit

Choosing the right fresh fruit can keep your budget low. Buy exotic fruit as a special reward from time to time, but keep yourself on a diet with the cheaper options, apples, bananas and oranges. They can stay fresh for longer and bananas can be used in a variety of healthy snacks even when they start to ripen too much.

Lose Weight on a Budget: Cheapest Diet Foods

Lose Weight Cheap: Beans and Lentils

Canned or dried beans and lentils are full of fiber and protein, making them a very important part of your healthy diet if you want to cut back on meat. Cook them in soups or stews and use them as an alternative for ground meat in many recipes.

Cheapest Diet Foods: Soups

Filling and delicious, vegetable soups are easy to cook and you can use leftover meat and vegetables to them. For a more satisfying taste, improve them with herbs and spices.

Lose Weight on a Budget: Eggs

High-quality protein that’s cheaper than meat, eggs can be excellent for breakfast and they last weeks in your refrigerator. Make meat-free omelets, fritatas and egg sandwiches for healthy meals that can help you lose weight.

Cheapest Diet Foods: Canned Fish[/b]

Omega-3 rich fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel is cheaper in canned form. Save money by buying canned fish with bones and skin and you’ll only need minutes to remove them yourself and start preparing your great diet meal.

Lose Weight on a Budget: Condiments

Capsaicin, the compound found in chili peppers, and cinnamon are condiments that can increase the rate of fat burning. Buy dried herbs and spices that can give any bland diet recipe an extra kick and also boost your metabolism.

Lose Weight on a Budget: Cheapest Diet Foods

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