Oatmeal Diet for Weight Loss

Have gained too much weight? Do you want to lose those extra pounds and look slim and beautiful again? Well, there’s a new diet on the block – the Oatmeal diet. This is generally a diet which involves the consumption of oats only for a week and then gradually introducing other foods into the diet menu.  The oatmeal diet has been the hottest dieting options lately. It is not just effective but is also a convenient method of losing weight at a very short span of time. The moderate version of oatmeal diet includes the replacement of foods such as bread, pasta and other fatty grains.

Oatmeal Diet for Weight Loss

And we also know that whenever a new diet starts floating around the web promising to lose weight at a decent span of time, many people throw up the red flags straight away without even a legitimate excuse. This red flag is good option considering it saves you a lot of money and effort not to mention the broken weight loss dreams. But should you consider following the oatmeal diet? Yes, there is a question mark. So, why not explore this diet a little further in case you are considering the oatmeal diet as an option. Read on this article to know more.

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Oatmeal Diet Plan for Weight Loss:

Step one.

The basic step of the oatmeal diet is that you will have to consume three meals of oats only for a week. You can add skimmed milk to bring in a little taste. The purpose of this method is to bring down the calorie count in a week if the diet has been started off successfully. The amount of calorie must stay in the range of nine hundred to twelve hundred calories daily. It is also vital to use solely whole oatmeal and the processed and instant oatmeal are to be avoided.

Step two.

This step is slightly a longer constituting of 30 days where other foods can be slowly introduced. In this step, you can start consuming instant oatmeal but you should keep in mind that the calorie count does not exceed thirteen hundred calories. The range of the calorie count should be between one thousand and thirteen hundred. The fibre present in oatmeal prevents the absorption of fat in the body hence the body is allowed to gain only a few needed pounds.

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Are you allowed to have snacks?

Yes, you are allowed to have snacks between two meals. Since you are allowed to introduce other food items in the second step, you can consume healthy snacks which are low in calories. Some of the vegetables which are permitted to be consumed under the oatmeal diet are carrots, cucumber, pepper and celery. Try and avoid fruits and vegetables that contains large amount of starch.

Last step:

To maximise the result of the oatmeal diet, you can start a new work out regime. Exercises along with the diet helps in toning the body. You can start the exercises after the first restrictive week. And do not forget to drink lots of water. Water helps in burning a lot of excess calories. As you gradually shift to your normal diet, you should replace some of the unhealthy diet habits with the healthier ones in order to remain fit and healthy.

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The oatmeal diet is simple, easy and effective. And you can actually lose about 4 to 6 kilograms of weight in a span of one week. You don’t need much for this diet. And since this diet contains some cost efficient foods, it will go easy on your budget as well. And oatmeal diet is conducive to weight loss.

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