Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Story

Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Story

Show host and celebrity chef Rachael Ray has been struggling to keep her curvy figure under control since she was a child. At the age of 12, Rachael gave up looking at the scale and chose to love her body as it is. A surgery completely saved her life and got her to the point where she could fit in skinny jeans! Here’s Rachael’s Ray weight loss story and her personal tips on how to keep your body nice and fit.

The Start of Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Road

Rachael Ray always admitted she loved food, not that it wasn’t obvious: she cooks delicious plates every day. The consequence of her passion was, of course, her curvy figure. At age 41, a throat surgery to remove a cyst gave her not only health, but a new body shape.

Rachael started running 3 and a half miles every morning and going to the gym, to speed up her recovery. At first, the famous cook hated the fitness programs, but soon became eager to work out. The weight loss of Rachael Ray was definitely the result of her daily workout routine: 30 minutes running and 45-60 minutes at the gym.

Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Story

Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Diet

As for the diet itself, Rachael Ray’s approach is losing weight by a “non-diet” strategy. The rules are simple: don’t eat when you’re not hungry, don’t make the same mistakes that got you fat in the past, don’t skip meals, set a realistic goal about how your body should look, eat less fast-food, drink water instead of soda and enjoy as often as you can meals consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Rachael Ray’s Flat Belly Diet

Rachael Ray’s weight loss diet also featured the principles of the popular Flat Belly Diet that implies eating plenty of monounsaturated fats at each meal and less saturated fats and sugar.

The Flat Belly Diet means you should begin eating about 1.200 – 1400 calories a day and a minimum of 2 liters of water mixed with spices, citrus, cucumber and herbs. This so called “sassy water” is useful for increasing energy levels and reducing bloating and constipation. At first, dieters should eat 4 meals a day, consisting of maximum 400 calories each. Although exercise is optional on the Flat Belly Diet, it’s still recommended.

Rachael Ray’s Weight Loss Story

Rachael Ray and Other Weight Loss Tips

Rachael also encourages you not to weigh yourself all the time (you’ll only see a number!), to eat the food you love in moderation and to do everything you can to keep stress on a low level.

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