Relax and Boost Your Energy with Breathing Exercises

Relax and Boost Your Energy with Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is a well-known remedy for dealing with anxiety, stress and other unpleasant states. Breathing influence brain functions, muscles and our digestive system.

It is important to use the proper techniques to get the best out of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Try to use the following methods in order to take control over the usually automatic breathing. These exercises can be done both in driving seats, in front of computers as well as gym classes.

Four-Seven-Eight Breathing technique

This breathing method is a Chinese holistic health exercise. It will calm your nervous system and reduce anxiety states.

Sit with a straight back, let your hands rest in your lap loosely. Close your eyes or look ahead without staring at anything don’t let the view attract your attention.

Relax and Boost Your Energy with Breathing Exercises

Concentrate on your breathing. During the exercise keep your tongue on the top of your mouth, behind the front top teeth.

Start inhaling only through the nose, then count till 4, fill your lungs with air. Keep it for 7 seconds, then exhale through the mouth, slowly count to 8.

When exhaling release your anxiety and stress. Keep a short break than start all over again. Do it 10-11 times, you can practice it whenever you feel nervous.

Stimulating breath

This breathing technique was specially designed to increase vital energy. Try the following: rapidly inhale then exhale through your nose, keep your mouth closed, don’t be stiff.  The length of inhales and exhales should be equal.  The point is to make them as short as possible. Try making three inhale-exhale rounds a second. Your diaphragm (respiratory muscle) will move more quickly that’s how you train it.

For the first round do only 15 seconds of in and outs. Practice this method when you feel the need for an energy bomb.

Breath Counting

It is a very relaxing breathing exercise, you can do it in order to relax. Sit with a straight back, lower your head a bit. Close your eyes then take a deep breath. Let the air circulate naturally.

Begin the exercise by inhaling, count to 1 and exhale. Then, count to 2 before exhaling – go this way until 5. Keep a little break then start again counting to 5.

Don’t try to experiment with going up to counting to 9 or 10 – you’ll only lose concentration. An ideal session of breath counting should last for 10-12 minutes.Test these breathing exercises to boost your vital energy.

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