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The Baby Food Diet

The Baby Food Diet

In an attempt to create get a flawless silhouette most celebrities try all kinds of methods to lose weight as well as to stay fit. Like many other types of diets, the baby food diet has become extremely popular after celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce some of the stars of Desperate Housewives and even the eccentric Lady Gaga have opted for this weight loss method to get the results they wanted. The Baby Food Diet

Although some think that the baby food diet is a type of ‘cleanse’ , calorie control is really the core principle of this diet. Due to the fact that baby food jars contain much smaller portions compared to what an adult would normally eat, the caloric intake is easily controlled. Baby food jars are used as a low calorie snack alternative and some dieters even replace some of the meals with baby food.

Due to the fact that baby food is generally free of additives or gluten and some varieties are organic which limits the harmful substances to a bare minimum, it can be a healthy alternative to sugar or salt-filled snacks which have a lot of calories. Since baby food consists of pureed fruits and vegetables you will also get a good dose of vitamins.

Convenience is perhaps one of the biggest factors that seems to convince women to try it. Since portion control is not an issue and there’s no effort when it comes to cooking this type of low calorie snack it can quite easy to be seduced by the simplicity of this diet. Since the jars don’t need refrigeration and the jars are small enough to fit in your handbag, little effort in terms of organizing and preparing is actually needed to follow this diet.

This aspect alone can be enough to convince many women to give it a try. Since there is no set of strictly defined rules, other than a recommendation to replace two of your three meals with baby food in order to achieve your weight loss goal, it can be relatively easy to follow this diet. The Baby Food Diet

Although the advantages might persuade many women to give it a try, it might be worth to take into account a few disadvantages also. One of the fist things many women notice about baby food once they actually get to eat it is that the taste is bland for the most part which means that losing motivation is extremely easy and the risk of binging on unhealthy if you hate the taste of baby food increases dramatically.

Since no chewing is involved, it can be harder to achieve the sense of satiety. Due to the fact that the pleasure of eating can be almost non existing it can be hard to maintain your enthusiasm as well as your self discipline.

Considering the fact that some baby food jar can offer as little as 14 calories it might require more than 14 jars a day to get a healthy amount of calories for the two meals you might be replacing so if you really start thinking about it and it can get quite difficult to consume so much baby food in a single day. Moreover, this approach will most likely decrease your overall energy and you might even get headaches.

Another crucial aspect of this type of diet is that you should never try to replace all your meals with baby food. Even if you have one adult meal nutritionists say that it might not be enough to meet your nutritional requirements. Moreover since the diet works based on calorie restriction, the yo-yo effect might take place once you finish the diet, especially if you reduced the amount of calories you consumed daily in a severe way during the diet.

The bottom line of this diet is that exercising caution and a creating a rational plan is the best possible approach if you decide to follow this diet. Although replacing high calorie snacks with baby food can help you decrease your calorie intake, maintaining diversity is crucial when it comes to replacing meals with toddlers food. As with all special diets avoiding extremes is very important.

The Baby Food Diet

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