The Happiness Diet by Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey

The Happiness Diet by Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey

It seems that there’s a new diet in town and this one is actually targeting your mood as well as your waistline. The Happiness Diet book was created by Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey, and it was based on a new theory, Dr.Tim Sharp’s theory which stands to support positive psychology.

The Happiness Diet argues that giving your brain the food it needs thus keeping it happy can help you lose weight and reach your goals more effectively than when depriving yourself from essential, key nutrients. The diet book was created by Drew Ramsey, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University and Tyler Graham, health writer, who believe that eating the right foods is ‘the foundation of mental health’.

The two believe the rise of both obesity and depression during the past ten years are an effect of the Modern American Diet, which is based on eating foods that feature added fats and trans fats, that have been linked to a higher risk of depression. The quality of the factory raised animal meat is lower now opposed to the quality of grass fed animals, as the animals are fed growth hormones, antibiotics and have an unnatural diet that doesn’t provide the meat with as much fat and nutrients as normal. The Happiness Diet by Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey

Happiness seems to be the ‘holy grail’ of feeling great mentally and physically and it seems that The Happiness Diet is clearing out the mystery that has been surrounding the link between what we eat and how we feel. Most diets are pretty drastic as far as eating goes and it seems that the more restrained we are from food and certain nutrients, the more likely we are to become moody, depressed and anxious.

According to The Happiness Diet, magnesium, B vitamins, and healthy fats are ‘mood boosters’ and can have an amazing positive impact over your mood. Keeping the brain happy and nourished can help you focus on reaching your weight loss goal and not only.

A diet which is rich in healthy nutrients such as healthy fats like natural full fat dairy, olive oil, whole grains, vegetables and high quality grass-fed meat will help you feel satiated, happy as you’re eating quality, nutritious food and aid in your weight loss plan as you’re not packing on empty calories.

Controlling the quality of your food as well as its quantity will aid weight loss, thus you won’t have to starve and deprive your body from essential vitamins to lose those extra inches off your waistline. The food industry brings forward processed foods, foods that are loaded with added sugar, refined carbs and vegetable fats such as corn oil, thus making obtaining those essential ‘mood boosters’ for our brain much more difficult. Tyler Graham told that: “You can’t feel your best if you starve the brain.”

According to Mr. Drew Ramsey, people who turn towards low fat diets to help them lose weight are more likely to fail. He tells that: “Focusing on getting skinny by eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet, fails for most people.”

Although exercise is not a subject that is tackled in the book, it is a definite must when it comes to losing weight and maintaining health. Drew Ramsey says that exercising is a ‘top prescription for anxiety’ and that a healthy ‘Happy ‘ diet will help you find more energy to turn towards exercising that when eating unhealthy foods.

Because most believe that eating quality foods may boost your expense bill, Ramsey says to search for alternatives such as community-supported agriculture programs, enabling you to have access to quality products that are sometimes less expensive than store bought products, and freeze your products to prevent them from going bad. This way you can de-freeze products and enjoy a quality meal on a daily basis.

Graham tries to underline that your health should worth a bit of extra money and he states that: “What’s more important, having 200 cable channels or feeding your brain the nutrients it needs?” Check out this new interesting concept and diet plan and see if it works for you!

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The Happiness Diet by Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey

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