The Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet

As the name reveals the raw food diet is based on foods that are unprocessed and raw. Creators of the raw food diet promise a healthy mind and body, without stress and illnesses. Some might compare its guidelines to that of a detox diet, however it can be followed for an unlimited period of time.

Demi Moore, Jared Leto as well as Alicia Silverstone have already discovered the benefits of this diet and become ‘raw celebrities’. Here are the basic principles and benefits of the raw food diet.

The Raw Food Diet

– The idea of raw food consumptions comes from the fact that heating food above 116 degrees F can make the meal lose basic enzymes – which would be essential in digestion. That’s why the main part of the menu of raw diet fans is made up of uncooked food.

– Average people and among them celebrities experimented with this diet, since it promises weight management and an energized body. These are all the results of weight loss and fat reduction.

– Digestion becomes faster, your metabolism will have an easier job breaking up several nutrients. The stomach can easily digest raw and living food.

– What are the foods your are allowed to eat: organic nutrients as: dried fruit, seeds, beans, grains, nuts, pure water, coconut milk, vegetables and fresh fruits as well as seaweed.

– These are consumed completely raw to preserve the enzymes from the ingredients.

– It is very important how you prepare your meals. Fruits are generally juiced, to bring out the best of these. Dehydrating foods and blending are also very popular techniques among raw diet followers. Use a dehydrator or a blender, chopper and juice extractor to make delicious dishes.

The Raw Food Diet

– There are several recipes to complete your daily menu. Tasty salads and juices will make your body gradually switch to a living diet. You’ll reduce the acid activity in your stomach which will prevent several chronic diseases.

– It is recommended by nutritionists to slowly eliminate acid-forming foods. It must be also remembered that this diet forbids the consumption of fish, meat, dairy products and eggs.

– It is a sensitive diet, that’s why it’s not recommended to pregnant women, children and people who have serious problems with their bones as osteoporosis. Take care of following the guidelines properly. You don’t want to have nausea and headaches during the raw food diet.