How To Do Lotus Mudra, Steps To Do and Benefits?

How To Do Lotus Mudra, Steps To Do and Benefits?

Mudra exercises are a part of Yoga asanas, but essentially use the hand postures to achieve desired results. Mudras are performed by positioning the fingers in various postures to open up the chakras and channel energy into the body. They can also help in calming down a chaotic mind and bring in positivity. Lotus Mudra is one such amazing hand postures, which is known to drive in feelings of love, joy and compassion. This mudra opens up the heart chakra, which helps you open up your feelings for others. Lotus mudra is also a symbol of purity, where you will replace your negative thoughts with love and care for others.

In this article, we shall discuss Lotus Mudra benefits and steps to perform it.

What Is Lotus Mudra?

Lotus mudra is a hand posture that resembles an open lotus. This mudra is known to help you stay connected to your roots and keep yourself grounded. The mudra removes all sorts of negative feelings and help you open up your thoughts to accept others.

Lotus Mudra Meaning:

The lotus flower mudra symbolises a pure and open heart. This is more like a symbol of purity. Just like a lotus which sits on the surface of a pond which it’s roots are tightly clasped and jointed with the ground beneath. The lotus is very much open and it is like the world is embracing it. It’s roots are like deeply engrossed in the muddy bottom which is completely dark and messy.

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Importance Of Lotus Mudra:

Lotus is a symbol of something which is like goodness emerging from dark and sad times. It is like you are coming out of the good factors and characteristics of the bad events of life. It’s also like you have been surrounded with darkness all your life and finally you are coming out with light and shine and looking at all the positive things and attributes in life. It is like a after all the dark and gloomy times you have noticed something good and positive.

How To Do The Lotus Mudra:

Lotus mudra is very easy and convenient to do. It does not require much of practice and expertise.

Steps To Perform Lotus Mudra:

  1. You need to sit cross legged or any convenient sitting position you wish to. I suggest you to not sit directly on ground. Sit either on your mat or nay light carpet.
  2. This is because it is believed that if you sit directly on ground, then there may be many radiations and negative influences can impact your mudra pose.
  3. You need to first take some deep breaths and ease yourself. Keep your entire body at rest. Closing your eyes is completely your choice.
  4. If you feel at ease by closing your eyes you definitely can else you can leave them open.
  5. But i suggest you to close your eyes, it will help you to concentrate better.
  6. Now, you need to bring the base of your palms together near your heart centre.
  7. Touch your thumbs and your pinky fingers together only.
  8. Now, you need to spread the rest of your fingers very widely, just like lotus. Each finger should be wide apart without touching each other.
  9. Now, you must close your eyes at this point. Just close your eyes and take some deep breaths. You should take at least 5-7 deep breaths now.

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Lotus Mudra With Some Variations:

The floating lotus mudra here you need to inhale deeply and gradually you should lift the lotus towards your forehead. It should be in parallel lines with your forehead.

Now, exhale gently and bring the lotus down. Continue it for at least 5-7 times. Lotus mudra comes with multi-disciplinary benefits.

Benefits Of Lotus Mudra:

  1. You will feel completely energized when you have finally opened your eyes later doing this exercise.
  2. You will feel a strange kind of happiness and excitement in your body.
  3. Lotus Mudra can help you cultivate feelings of love and affection to others
  4. It can drain your mind from negative thoughts and emotions
  5. After the mudra, you will start appreciating things and people around you

Just like a beautiful lotus in a pond, which has its roots firm in the ground, but opens up to the light, Lotus Mudra also helps us stay grounded, yet positive. It helps us maintain a clear mind even when in a pond of muddy thoughts. Feelings such as hatred, anger, misunderstanding need to be flushed out from the body, before they develop into extreme emotions, which can pose threat to the relations and society. This mudra can help you open up your heart to help you embrace others and accept things the way they are. Lotus Mudra helps you transform yourself into a better human being.