The Yogurt Diet: Pros and Cons

The Yogurt Diet: Pros and Cons

Most yogurt diets have one thing in common, at least 3 servings of this dairy product every day. Do they really deliver the promised weight loss? Find out more about the pros and cons of the yogurt diet.

The first popular Yogurt Diet was developed by Ana Lugue, a nutritionist that used scientific findings in developing a yogurt based diet. Natural and sugar-free yogurts are always the best choice for any of these diets and low-fat yogurts are considered the best bet for weight loss.

All Yogurt Diet

Even though its name indicates the only allowed food is yogurt, the All Yogurt Diet actually includes fruit and other natural foods. Also known as the Yogurt Only diet, it promotes 3 servings of yogurt, divided among meals and snacks throughout the day.

An actual All Yogurt Diet has many drawbacks, including the lack of adequate protein intake. Nutritionists advise against crash diets based on simply yogurt, even if they only last for a few days.

The Yogurt Diet: Pros and Cons

Greek Yogurt Diet Plan

A more sustainable diet with yogurt is the Greek Yogurt Diet. Made from sheep’s milk, Greek yogurt has a higher protein and calcium content than most other types of yogurt, making it ideal for a weight loss plan.

Low-fat Greek yogurt, plain and unsweetened, can be eaten with salads, fruits and can even be used for cooking. The completely fat-free Greek yogurt is more prone to curdling when heated.

Along with eating 3 servings of Greek yogurt daily, dieters are advised to cut down on their overall number of calories. Yogurt can contain plenty of carbs too, so you shouldn’t eat it in really high quantities when you want to lose the extra pounds.

Frozen Yogurt Diet

Low in calories, frozen yogurt is another way to go when trying to lose weight on a yogurt diet plan. Unfortunately, frozen yogurt usually has even more carbs than the natural Greek yogurt. Even when it doesn’t contain any added sugars, the Frozen Yogurt Diet can’t compete with other low-carb diets which get faster results. Most of the fat in frozen yogurt is also saturated, which can increase the risk of developing heart disease.

The Yogurt Diet: Pros and Cons

The Yogurt Diet: Short-term or Long-term?

Some women have reported excellent results using a yogurt diet to compliment their meals, but nutritionists advice against relying too much on this natural dairy product for weight loss.

The best way to go may simply be adding 2 to 3 servings of natural, plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt to your diet and enjoy its fat burning abilities without making it the focus of your diet.

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