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Top 10 Green Superfoods

Top 10 Green Superfoods

Going green when it comes to food can be the right choice even if you still like to eat meat. Check out the top 10 green superfoods packed with essential nutrients from vitamins and minerals to great antioxidants.


Rich in vitamin C, artichokes also contain plenty of fibers and essential minerals, along with cancer-fighting antioxidants. When you’re not sure how to enjoy this green superfood, cook it whole and enjoy it with a dip.


Perfect for raw salads, kale is also excellent when steamed or used for soups. It contains great fibers and protein along with iron, calcium, vitamins C and A and it packs a strong punch when it comes to cancer-fighting properties.


One of the top 10 green superfoods thanks to its high content of vitamin C, kiwi also has a high content of magnesium and potassium with very few calories.

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Top 10 Green Superfoods


With an excellent nutritional balance, asparagus is an excellent source of fiber and potassium. It’s also very rich in folic acid, vitamins A, B6 and C, along with thiamin. Steamed or in soups, asparagus is delicious with a touch of lemon.


Rich in antioxidants, peas offer a great mix of protein and fiber, while also containing plenty of anti-inflammatory compounds. They’re great fresh or frozen, but can lose some of heir potency when canned.


Making the list of top 10 green superfoods is easy for spinach thanks to its high content of folate, calcium and manganese. It’s also rich in vitamins A and K, whether it’s fresh or steamed.

Swiss Chard

Packed with plenty of vitamins A, C and K, swiss chard is also rich in chlorophyll. Ideal for salads, swiss chard is also perfectly delicious when sautéed or steamed.

Top 10 Green Superfoods


When you’re looking for healthy nuts, pistachios are the right choice. The high content of quality nutrients doesn’t come with a big calorie count either. Eating 30 pistachios only amounts to 100 calories, but also plenty of vitamins and healthy fats.


The original green wonder, broccoli has its place on any list of top 10 green superfoods, thanks to its dietary fiber content, along with vitamins A, C, E and K. Raw or steamed with lemon, broccoli is always a good choice.

Collard Greens

Popular because they keep the longest out of all dark leaf vegetables, collard greens shine when it comes to calcium, magnesium and beta-carotene. Rich in antioxidants, collard greens are also renowned for their cancer-fighting properties.

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