Top 9 Home Remedies for Bruises

Bruises are a commonly seen ailment and more of a crisis that is visible on the skin making it look unattractive. In such a case, the injury is caused to the tissues under the skin which causes a rupture of the blood vessels that leads to bleeding on the skin. Some of the signs of bruising include swelling, pain and a black or blue discoloration of the skin surface in the affected area. The best is to use some home remedies to ensure that there is no side effects and a safe and effective cure can be followed.

The list below has some of the top notch home cures that can be used for treatment of bruises and gives visible outcomes if followed on a regular basis.

home remedies for bruises

Most Effective Home Remedies for Bruises:

1. Comfrey Root Benefit:

Comfrey root is an herb and tea made from this can be applied on the bruised area for the home remedial treatment. In not only works on the discoloration of the area but also helps in reduction of pain from the area. It should be followed daily till the problem subsides.

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2. Ice Compress:

Ice Pack

As soon as you bruise yourself, it is suggested that you use an ice compress on the area. It helps in cooling the ruptured blood vessels and prevents the blood from oozing out on the skin surface. This should be done for 10-20 minutes for ensuring that the bruise does not worsen.

3. Heating Pad Use:

A heating pad will ensure proper blood flow to the region and should be applied later on and not immediately after the bruise. This should be applied to the bruise for 20 minutes several times a day for proper home remedial cure for the crisis.

4. Warm Water and Vinegar:


Apply warm water and vinegar mixture in the bruised area later on when you want to treatment. This will improve the blood circulation to the area in an efficient manner. It is one of the top notch home remedies for bruises.

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5. Witch Hazel:

Mix witch hazel liquid with water and apply it daily on the bruise. It will surely help the blood to flow back to the region and promote treatment. It is one of the known remedies to be used for bruises cure.

6. Parsley Leaves:

Make a paste of fresh parsley leaves and apply it well on the bruise. Now cover it well with a bandage to help it work properly. It helps in reduction of pain and inflammation and also fades the bruise marks effectively. It is one of the remedies worth trying in this case.

7. Fresh Potato Slices:

Apply a slice of freshly cut potato on the bruise and cover it well with a bandage. Make sure you change the potato slice as soon as it dries. A lot of users have tried this home remedy and has been successful in the treatment of the bruise. This should be done everyday for best outcomes.

8. Have Lots of Water:

Glass of water

Having about 10-12 glasses of water will help in improvement of blood flow to the region as well as hydrate the skin while treating the damaged tissues. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can actually achieve a safe and simple treatment for bruises.

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9. St. John’s Wort Oil:

Usually capsules of St. John’s Wort are available in the market. The oil in the capsule has been known for high levels of tannins. The treatment should be started as soon as you experience a bruise and should be followed three times a day to get visible results.

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